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In the wiccan path the Goddess seen through the form of the Triple Goddess. She is represented by the Moon, and its three phases represent the nature of her being. The waxing moon represents the maiden aspect, the full moon represents the mother aspect, and the waning moon represents the crone aspect.


The Maiden
This is the young Goddess of spring.
She is the Goddess of the Dawn, Youth, Fresh Potential,
Art, Creativity,self expression, Beauty, and Skill.
She manifests in action, exploration, discovery, and self confidence.
Some maiden Goddesses are Athena, Brighid, Ezili, Hathor, and Vesta

Maiden Goddesses

The Mother
The mother Goddess is the sustainer of the universe.
She is the Goddess of motherhood with her nurturing, and devine guidance. She is the Goddess of everlasting bounty to those whom are open for her gifts.
some names of the mother goddess are Demeter, Gaia, Laksmi, Yemaya.

Mother Goddesses

The Crone
This aspect of the triple Goddess is as an elder.
She is the wise woman, the witch,and the matriarch.
She is the Goddess of Death, magic, and the spirit realm.
she is also the Goddess of wisdom, visions, and guidance.
Some Crone Goddess names are Baba Yaga, Hecate, Kali, Morrighan.

Crone Goddesses

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