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The Wheel of the year are the eight sabbats or festivals in which we celibrate the cycles of the seasons. These sabbats are divided into two sets. One set is known as the Grand Sabbats which are dedicated to the Goddess, these are Samhain, Imbolic, Bealteinne, Lughnassadh. The other set is lesser sabbats which celibrate the God, these are Yule, Ostara, Midsummer, Mabon.

The Grand Sabbats

Samhain (November 1)
The begining of the ancient Celtic liturgical year.
The festival of the dead.
It is a time to honor the spirit world.
It is also a festival of the end of the harvest.
Samhain is sacred to the Crone Goddess,
which is were the image of Halloween Witch comes from.

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Imbolc (February 1)
This is the festival of the begining of spring.
It represents the renewed life of earth after winter,
and the suns growth in strength.
Imbolc is also called Candlemas
Imbolc is sacred to the Maiden Goddess,
the Goddess of Dawn and of Fire.

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Bealteinne (May 1)
This sabbat marks the begining of the light half of the year.
It is the festival of life.
Bealteinne is also known as Beltane, Kalenda Maia,
Roodmas, and May Day
It is sacred to the great Mother Goddess.

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Lughnassadh (August 1)
This sabbat marks the begining of the harvest.
It is the festival of first fruits.
Lughnassadh is sacred to the Mother Goddess as
the Lady of the Harvest.
It is also called Lammas, First Fruits, and Bron Trograine.

The Lesser Sabbats

Yule (December 20-22)
This is the midwinter solstice, as it marks the high point of winter.
Yule celibrates the rebirth of the Sun God.
Yule is the shortest day of the year.
Yule is sacred to the Old God, The Lord of Winter.

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Ostara (March 20-22)
This sabbat is celebrated at the spring equinox.
This is the high point of the spring season.
It is a festival of dawn and increasing life.
Ostara is sacred to the Young God,
Lord of the rising sun.
Ostara is also known as Eoster, Alban Eilir,
or spring.

Midsummer (June 20-22)
This sabbat is celebrated at the summer solstice,
which is the logest day of the year.
It celebrates the very height of
the powers of the sun and life.
after this the sun starts to
weaken as the days grow shorter.
Midsummer is sacred to the Sun God,
as Lord of Life.
It is also know as Litha.

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Mabon (September 20-22)
This is celebrated at the fall equinox.
It is the middle of the harvest.
Mabon is sacred to the Father God.

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