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The dances at powwows are filled with symbolism, ritual, practice, preperation, and respect. Below are a few of the dances preform at powwows.

The Womens Buckskin Dance
The disipline in this dance is essential for the slow, graceful movements. The women dance in perfect harmony with the drum while never breaking the sedate spirit within the essence of this dance, and there is no lose in dignity while the dips and sways are being done. The regalia for this dance is made of buckskin that is decorated with beaded designs, and long fringed sleeves.

The Mens Grass Dance
One of the most ancient dances is the mens grass dance. the regalia is characterized by long yarn, or ribbon fringes that move with the flow of the dancers body. The dancers motion should cause the flowing ragalia to move in the same way as if it were blowing grass on the prairie. The dance should be done in perfect time with the music, as if it were responding as the grass does to the motion of the wind.

The Bear Dance
In order to step back in time to purify the experience with a mystical reverance for the power of the natural world where the open mind is essential to the true understanding of the ceremony, and the Great Spirit the Bear dance is preformed. This is a social dance, and is traditionally held in the spring, with some slight differences among differant tribes. Some tribes began when the first thunder of spring was heard. This dance centers on a purification experience through dance, stories, and song.

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