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Altars are our place for worship, magic, and meditation.

Because altars are a place for personal worship, and meditation they should be designed in a way that has personal meaning to you.


Altar Set Up
Here is the most used way of setting up an altar.
The Right Side
This is the warm side of the altar, and is associated with the sun, the Day, and the God. It is associated with physickal energy, and the elements of Fire and Air.
The Left Side
This side of the altar is the cool side, and is associated with the Moon, Stars, and the Goddess. It is also associated with Spiritual energy, and Magic and also the elements of Water, and Earth.
The Middle
This area is associated with the Primeval Deity, or Spirit. Which is within both the God, and Goddess, and within all other things.
The Back
This space is where the Deity is honored and is the focal point of the altar. It is associated with the Goddess that existed before creation.
The Front
This space represents spiritual energy that is manifesting in the physical world. This is where the Magical workings are done.

Incense comes in sticks, cones, powders, and or oils. The Incense is placed on the right of the altar, as it is symbolic of air. We use incense for purification in a smudging form, and for offerings to the deity.

Candles represent the element of fire, and have always been used on altars. here is a color chart that may be used for chosing the candles.

Black - wisdom, guidence, protection
White - Innocence, manifestation, and general purpose
Blue - communication
Yellow - happiness, success
Red - passion, strong emotion
Purple - spirituality, psychism
Green - healing, prosperity, fertility
Orange - creativity
Pink - romantic love, compassion

Herbs, and their meanings

Some altar pieces
Also known as a Dagger is associated with the element of Air. It is the wiccans ceremonial magical knife. The atheme can be used for creating a circle, and to store or direct energy.
The Besom (The Witches Broom)
The besom has been a tool used by both magical, and ordinary people to cleanse the home. Superstitiously the besom was used to ward of evil. Traditionally it was made with ash wood as a handle buried in a knurl of birch twigs, and bound together by willow.
The besom is also used in differant marrage cerimonies. In one the bride and groom jump over the besom after they have united as it is a symbol of fertility, and male joining female.
Laying the besom over the threshold or stood in a corner with the brush up is said to keep unwanted negative energy out of the home.
The besom is one of the most important tools of a witch for it is used to cleanse negative energy away. It is used in ritual to clear the circle of negative energy, and psychic debris. usually a chant will be said as this is done.

Bells or chimes are used in the ceremony to signify the begining, and end of the ritual. They are also used for summoning deities, elements, spirits, and wandering souls. They can also be used to ward off negativity.
Candles - represent fire
Chalice - symbolic of the Goddess & fertility
Mortar & Pestle
Wand - represents air

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