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The primeval deity in the Wiccan path is the Goddess, and according to Vangelo delle Streghe she existed before anything else, even before the beginning. She was without any form, she just existed in the void. The Goddess being without form did possess the seeds with in her for all things. These seeds were both spiritual, and material, and all mixed up with in her. There was no order or definition to them. The deity is androgynous which is to say she possessed feminine (spirit or yin) and masculine (matter or yang) elements. For an endless amount of time the deity had existed in this amorphous and undifferentiated state, with in the darkness which was before the first creation. In the beginning she slept, and she was aware of nothing. It was during this time that she would rest, and recharge, while gathering energy, and being alone. But she was complete while alone and herself. Then during the next stage of her existence she began to stir, thus becoming aware of her existence. Then she began to think, and to dream. Eventually she started to question, and to desire. She wanted to know what it would be like to feel, and move. What it would be like to take action, and to feel sensation, what it would be like to see, taste, and to hear. And she would wonder about this for a very long time. Then out of herself came the first darkness, as she divided herself into two equal parts, and they were darkness, and light. The God would be her brother, and son, he was herself, and her other self, and he was the light. The physical, and tangible parts of the primeval deity went into the God whom was the light, and he exploded into existence in a spark of flame which would be remembered as the big bang. This was the start of creation. All of the spiritual, ethereal, and eternal parts of the Goddess would remain inside of her. She is the continuation of primeval deity as all of the spiritual part would remain with in her. The God spread out all over the universe, he spread in a blaze of light and superheated matter. With time his fire cooled and became stars, then planets. During this the vibration of matter would slow, as it became more dense, and solid. This would be described as falling into matter. So when the Goddess saw what she had created and the beauty of the light, which is her other half she yearned for more. She started trembling with desire, and through this trembling came the first dawn. The Goddess saw the beauty of the God which is the physical universe, and she became entranced with desire. She started to want him back with in her, as her wish was to be able to feel, see, and taste. However being separate from the God she could not do any of this. So the Goddess consulted her higher self for the answers. The Goddess learned through her higher self that to rise one must fall, so to become the greatest Goddess ever she would have to become mortal. To do this she would then be able to reunite with the God, and so she fell, or descended through the seven planes and into the physical. The Goddess did this by dividing herself off into many parts, these are the many souls which she sent into the physical, and giving them physical forms. With this each soul would live many lifetimes.

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