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Hecate - Ancient Greek Crone Goddess

Hecate is associated with the moon. She is ofter shown with 3 heads, or faces, and sometimes as 3 women standing together. Hecate is the Goddess of prophesy, magic, and witchcraft. She is worshiped at the crossroads, and is considered the Queen of the Otherworld. Hecate's symbols are a key, and torch. She has wisdom that can unlock, and illuminate all mysteries. Her totem animals is a black dog.

Morrighan - Queen of the Ghosts

Morrighan is the Celtic Crone Goddess, and she is the Goddess of the Dead, sorcery,and magic. She is sometimes shown as anceint, and withered, and sometimes to the oposite she is seen as naturally beautiful. She is also the Goddess of Sovereignty.

In many myths Morrighan approaches a hero in her old form and demands sexual favors. When the hero makes love to her in her aged form she then tranforms into a beauty within his arms, and will prophesize his rise to kingship.

Morrighan is within the myth of King Arthur as his magical half sister whom ultamately conveys Arthur to the magical realm of Avallon.

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