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They are usually a solitary practitioner that bases their magic on herbs, and plants. A Green Witch is very similar to a Kitchen/Cottage Witch by all intents and purposes. There are ,however, distinct differences in that the Green Witch is rarely found bound by four walls when working their craft Green Witchcraft can be practiced solely on its own or in conjunction with another path.The Green Witch is often found in the feilds and forest where she or he is closest to the Divine. An Urban Green Witch will take that extra long drive to the country or find a secluded patch of woods in a nearby park if need be.The tools of the Green Witch are most often home-made from the elements that are most accessable to the witch. Wands and staffs made of indigenous wood, brooms made of local brush and such are often put to use. A Green Witch has the knowledge and herb cunning to grow her own herbs, or better yet knows where to find them in the wild. Granted there are times that dried herbs are a necessity like when winter comes and plants wither, or a recipie may simply call for an herb not geographically inclined to the witch's area. For the most part, though, a Green witch uses that which mother earth has already provided for her in her own backyard. Where the Dieties of the Kitchen Witch generally center on hearth and home, the Dieties of the Green Witch are those of the woodlands and forests.

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