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The Correllian Nativist tradition founder is Blv Orpheis Caroline High-Correll. This tradition used to be called the Nativist tradition. The name Correlian comes from the name Correll and it was adopted by the tradition in honor of its founder.

The people within this tradition are dedicated to the advancement of all pagan people. They believe in increased communication, and cooperation between all pagans from all differant traditions.

This tradition stresses the importance of pagan clergy as its teachers, and facilitators. They believe in having a strong public presence.

They believe in celebatory, as well as iniatory wicca, and they are strongly committed to having accessable public rituals.

Their leadership is formed by a wittan council made up of all temple heads, elders, and officers of the tradition.there is a Correllian Directorate whom is responsible for legal, and financial standings, and there is a Correlian council of elders which includes the elders, and head officers. There is also a chief administrator which is the chancellor.

The Correlian Tradition is based on the teachings, and practices of the High-Correll family. Correllianism is highly philosophical and synchretic in the views of the deity coming to a person from within.

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