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This is the study of the shape and lines on the hand. There a six areas in which one looks at in the hand in order to read the palm, and they are the shape, the horizontal lines, vertical lines, special markings, the mounds, and the fingers. Each hand can be interpreated differantly so I believe it is best to look at both as the right hand would show a persons present, and maybe future, and the left hand is said to show a persons potential, and what can be.

The shape of the hand is one of the things that is read and there are four basic shapes which are the Conical, the Spatulate, the Pointed, and the Square, and these correspond to the four elements which are Conical - Air, the Spatulate - Fire, the Pointed - Water, and the Square - Earth. In addition there is also a Mixed hand which combines elements from the other types. Here are the meanings behind the shapes.

The Conical Hand - Ruled by Air, the Conical Hand is broader at the base of the palm than at the top of the palm, tends to be fleshy, and has longish fingers. The Conical Hand indicates someone who is intellectually creative, with a strong imagination and an analytical mind. The person with a Conical Hand is often more interested in understanding than in doing.

The Spatulate Hand - Ruled by Fire, the Spatulate Hand, so called because of its resemblance to a spatula, is narrower at the base of the palm that at the top of the palm. The fingers tend to be broad, with squared or spatulate tips and knotty knuckles. The Spatulate Hand indicates practical creativity, originality, and inventiveness. A person who has a Spatulate Hand tends to put creativity into practice.

The Pointed Hand - Ruled by Water, the Pointed hand has a wide but rounded base which tapers up to slender, pointed fingers. The Pointed hand indicates a person who is emotionally and often psychically receptive, who loves beauty and the arts, and desires to be surrounded by peace and harmony.

The Square Hand - Ruled by Earth, the square Hand is as broad as it is long, with a squarish base and square tipped fingers. It indicates a practical mind, common sense, perseverance and hard work.

The Mixed Hand - The Mixed Hand displays a mixture of the elements of the other types of hands. Not merely a mixture of finger types for all hands have a mixture of finger types - the Mixed Hand shows a mixture of elements in the construction of the lower part of the hand itself. This is said to indicate adaptability and flexibility.

The horizontal lines are the most well known part of the reading and perhaps one of the most important. Hear are the individual lines and there meanings.

Heart Line Heart over Head is a famous saying among palmists, both as a formula to help the novice remember which line is which, but also as serious advice; for if the heart isnt happy the head can never make up for it. The Heart Line is the highest of the palms horizontal lines, rising from the inside edge of the hand near the Index Finger and crossing the palm. The Heart Line speaks to the individuals emotional nature and its expressions, especially but not exclusively in a romantic sense. The deeper and clearer the Heart Line is, the warmer and more loving the person. If the Heart Line is faint or broken, it indicates emotional reserve or unwillingness to deal with strong emotions. If the Heart Line begins at the inside edge of the hand, it shows a person who tends to idealize their mate, or the opposite sex in general, placing them on too high a pedestal. If the Heart Line starts under the Index Finger, it shows a warm and stable love nature. If the Heart Line starts between the Index and Middle Fingers, the person may tend to fall in love too quickly, or without considering the consequences; they wear their heart on their sleeve. If the Heart Line starts under the Middle Finger, the person may tend to put themselves first, and have a selfish attitude toward love situations. If the Heart line is doubled that is, there appear to be two of them running close together- it shows that the person is sheltered and protected by a romantic partner. If the Heart Line is long and curved, it indicates emotional stability and enduring affections. If the Heart Line is short but deep, it also indicates emotional stability, but if it is short and faint it shows a lack of interest in romantic and emotional matters. If the Heart Line runs close to and parallel with the Head Line, it shows a person with strong emotional control. Sometimes the Heart Line may appear to missing from the palm; in this case it is considered that the Heart and Head Line are conjoined. This shows a person has extreme emotional self-control, to the point of denying their emotions.

Head Line - The Head Line is the second horizontal line on the palm, falling between the Heart Line above and the Life Line below. The Head Line shows mental strength and problem solving ability. If the Head Line and the Heart Line are joined at the start, then diverge, it shows a person who is cautious and dislikes taking unnecessary risks. If the Head Line and Heart Line are not conjoined at the start, it shows a person who is adventurous and welcomes challenges. If the Head Line is long and straight, it shows a logical mind and a direct manner. If the Head Line is faint or wavy, it shows a person who has difficulty in concentration and focus. If the Head Line is doubled that is, there appear to be two of them running in close parallel- it shows great mental ability. A short Head Line shows a person who is a doer, not a thinker. If the Head Line curves upwards as it crosses to the outer side of the hand, it shows a person with a retentive memory, and often a tendency toward acquisition of things as well as knowledge. If the Head Line slopes downward as it crosses the palm, it shows an inventive and creative mind.

Life Line - By far the most famous of the palms lines, and popularly considered the most ominous, the Life Line is the third of the hands horizontal lines. The Life Line begins between the Thumb and the Index Finger, and slopes down around the Thumb, sometimes but not always all the way down to the wrist. The ominous reputation of the Life Line comes from the conception that its length indicates the length of the subjects life; this is not so, per se. Though the potential length of life can be divined from the Life Line, the Souls choices can and do alter this. The length of the Life Line has as much to do with the persons vitality and range of experience as with their longevity. If the Life Line is long and strongly marked, it shows strength, vitality, and can indicate longevity. If it is long and faint, it indicates a life with many changes, and lowered vitality, perhaps poor health. A short but strongly marked Life Line shows great ambition and drive, especially in a Square Hand. If the Life Line curves around the base of the Thumb, it shows that the person will remain active till the end of their life. If the degree of the Life Lines swoop around the Thumb is wide, it indicates much strength and vitality, as well as a strong sex drive. If the angle of the Life Lines swoop around the Thumb is narrow it shows a cautious and emotionally reserved nature. If the Life Line swoops all the way across to the opposite side of the base of the palm, it shows a person with a broad and flexible nature who is likely to travel widely. Special markings on the Lifeline indicate events (special markings being discussed below) or phases in the life of the individual. For example, an island might indicate a period of illness or other confinement. Where these markings occur indicates the age at which the event can be expected to occur. To read ages from the Life Line, divide it into equal thirds; the first third being youth, the second third being adulthood, the final third indicating old age.

The Vertical lines which speak about the persons experances in the outer world, and here are what they are, and there meanings.

Fate Line - The Fate Line runs from the wrist up toward the Middle Finger. How strongly this line is marked on the hand indicates how much a role fate plays in the persons life. If it is too strongly marked, the persons life may seem beyond their control, wholly mapped out by their Karma. If it is weak while other lines are strong, the persons life is entirely built on their own efforts. Special markings on this line indicate times in life when the person is greatly affected by their Karma, for good or ill according to the marking. If the Fate Line begins not in the middle base of the palm, but from the outside base, opposite the thumb, it indicates a person who will be before the public in some way. If the Fate Line arises from the Life Line at the beginning of the latter, it shows a self-made person, who builds their own success. If the Fate Line arises from well up the Lifeline, it indicates a person who will derive much help from their family or Ancestors. If the Fate Line begins independently, but then joins with the Life Line for a while, it indicates that the person will sacrifice their own interests for their family at the point indicated. If a secondary line arises from the outside base of the hand and rises to join with the Fate Line, it shows that a romantic interest will greatly affect the persons fate.

Fame Line - The Fame Line begins at the base of the palm and runs up to the Ring Finger. As its name suggests, it indicates fame and public recognition. Not everyone has one. If this line is clear and strong, it indicates both recognition and satisfaction. If the Fame Line goes directly to the Ring Finger it indicates success through creativity or self-expression, as in the arts. If the Fame Line arises not at the base of the palm, but from the Head Line, it indicates greater renown in the middle and latter years. If it arises from the Heart Line, recognition will come in old age.

Money Line - The Money Line arises from the area at the base of thumb and rises across the hand to the Little Finger. If this line is strong and straight it shows financial success. If it is light or wavy, it indicates financial or health problems. If the Money Line joins the Life Line, the point on the Life Line where it does so is often held to show a potential age of death (that is, a point when the soul will have a juncture at which it may choose to either live on or die), even if the Life Line itself is much longer.

The special markings that can be found on the hand or on the lines. Here are the special markings and what they mean.

Stars - The presence of a star indicates good luck and success in the area it appears in (for example, appearing on the Heart Line it indicates success in love). This is true everywhere except the Life Line, where it indicates a crisis at the point in life indicated by the stars position on the line.

Triangles - A triangle also betokens good fortune, wherever it appears.

Crosses - A cross indicates challenges or oppositions which the person must overcome.

Crosshatchings - A crosshatching (many little lines crossing each other like a grid) indicates that the person will encounter difficulties or opposition in the part of life indicated by the place in the hand where it appears, and will need grit and perseverance to overcome it.

Squares - Squares indicate protection or assistance from others, in the area where they appear.

Islands - An island (which is a circle or oblong appearing on a line) indicates that the person will experience restriction or confinement due to circumstances or ill health.

Circles (rare) - A circle is like a free standing island, and also indicates restriction or confinement in the area of life indicated by its location.

Chaining - If a line is chained (that is, it has a knitted appearance rather than being a solid line) it indicates nervousness, worry, or unease in the area indicated by that line.

Forks or Freys - If the end of a line is forked or freyed, it indicates that the energies of that line may be dispersed or frittered away.

Breaks - A break in a line indicates that the person will experience a change in direction or a radical rearrangement of feelings or ideas, according to where the break occurs.

Mystic Cross - The Mystic Cross is a cross which shows in the area between the Heart and the Head Lines. The Mystic Cross indicates one who is skilled in magic or metaphysics.

Battle Cross - The Battle Cross is a cross which is found in the triangle formed by the Life, Head, and Money Lines. This indicates a person who sacrifices much for their cause, and is looked to by others as a champion or martyr. If often indicates suffering or death in the line of duty.

Magic M - The Magic M is a rare marking formed by the arrangement of the Heart, Head, Life, and Fate lines when they fall in such a way as to clearly mark the letter M in the palm of the hand. This is the mark of the Mother Goddess; it is a sign of good fortune, luck, and success. If the Fame Line happens to run close to the Fate Line, as if to reinforce its stroke in the M, the good fortune is doubled.

Pentagram - A very rare marking formed by the confluence of the Head Line, Life Line, Fate Line and Money Line, which clearly marks the sign of a Pentagram in the palm of the hand. This is a sign of great spiritual power and advancement, and indicates one who is highly adept. The Pythagoreans used to mark the Pentagram on their palm, as a sign to recognize one another by; thus the presence of the Pentagram marking may indicate a soul who was one of this ancient and highly advanced mystical school in lives gone by, and still bears the mark to this day.

Ring of Solon - The Ring of Solon (called by Judeo-Christians the Ring of Solomon) is a line which encircles the base of the Index Finger, rather like a drooping ring. The Ring of Solon indicates a person with great spiritual ability, which may or may not be conscious.

Ring of Saturn - The Ring of Saturn is a line which encircles the Middle Finger, again rather like a drooping ring. The Ring of Saturn is rare, and indicates restrictions (self-imposed or otherwise) or depression.

Girdle of Venus - The Girdle of Venus is a line which encircles both the Middle and the Ring Fingers. It indicates sex appeal and sexual drive. If broken, the Girdle of Venus indicates a sexual athlete.

The mounds are the fleshy pads that are on the palm, five of these are at the base of the fingers, and thumb, and two are in the center, and outside base of the palm.

The Mound of Jupiter - The Mound of Jupiter is the fleshy pad at the base of the Index Finger. It indicates ones position in life, and the respect and regard one achieves. If well developed and firm, it indicates a good status, comfort, and an optimistic outlook. If this Mound is positioned more toward the Middle Finger, it indicates status based on steadiness and ability to concentrate and focus. If it is broad and soft, it may indicate self-indulgence and a tendency to squander ones substance. If the Mound of Jupiter is marked with a triangle, it indicates good luck and protection. A star indicates happiness in home and marriage, and respect from others. Lots of little lines indicate ambition and drive. A crosshatch of lines indicates over-confidence and a tendency to over-reach. A cross suggests that ones goals may be unattainable in their present form. And a square suggests that one will face opposition, but not succumb to it.

The Mound of Saturn - The Mound of Saturn is the fleshy pad at the base of the Middle Finger. Most people do not have a Mound of Saturn, nor is it well if one does. The region where the Mound of Saturn would be is usually flat or even concave like a valley between the Mound of Jupiter and the Mound of the Sun. If the Mound of Saturn is present as such, it indicates at best one is very self-contained and introspective, not caring much for the company of other humans. If the Mound of Saturn is firm and well developed the subject may be a full-blown misanthropist who holds out little hope for the human race. If the Mound of Saturn is large but soft, the person is likely to be given to depression or obsession. If the Heart Line begins where the Mound of Saturn would be rather than from the Mound of Jupiter, it indicates a tendency to be selfish in love. If the region of the Mound of Saturn is marked with a star, the individual is strongly marked by Karma, for good or ill. If there is a cross in the region of the Mound of Saturn the person is in danger from accidents, even an accidental death a fate they should be careful to avoid. A triangle here indicates magical skill. A circle indicates confinement, either self-imposed through isolationism, or perhaps in a prison or other restrictive environment. If the Mound of Jupiter drifts into the region of the Mound of Saturn, it indicates steadiness and practicality. If the Mound of the Sun drifts toward the Mound of Saturn, it indicates the practical application of creative abilities.

The Mound of the Sun - The Mound of Sun, also called the Mound of Apollo, is the fleshy pad at the base of the Ring Finger. It represents creativity, self-expression, and the arts. If well developed and firm, it indicates talent and creative ability. If the Mound of the Sun drifts into the region of the Mound of Saturn, it indicates the practical application of creative skills. If the Mound of the Sun drifts toward the Mound of Mercury, it indicates involvement in the business side of the creative arts. If the Mound of the Sun is underdeveloped, it suggests more ability to appreciate the arts than to create oneself. If there is no Solar Mound, it suggests a very practical person with little use for imagination and creativity. When the Mound of the Sun is marked with a star it indicates that the person will achieve recognition and perhaps fame through their creative work. A triangle indicates that the person will receive the admiration and respect of other s for their creative work. A crosshatching of lines suggests that the individual must work hard for whatever recognition they achieve, while a cross suggests that they may be unable to achieve much recognition at all and should pursue creativity for its own sake if at all.

The Mound of Mercury - The Mound of Mercury is the fleshy pad at the base of the Little Finger. The Mound of Mercury has to do with the mind, and with ones ability to communicate, to promote, and to sell; thus it also has to do with business, and with money. If well developed and firm, the Mound of Mercury indicates a strong mind, and practical business ability. If underdeveloped it suggests that the individual is scattered and unfocused. If the Mound of Mercury drifts toward the Mound of the Sun, it indicates involvement in a creative business. If the Mound of Mercury is marked by a star, it indicates success in business or financial acumen. A square indicates one who has a keen decision making ability. A circle shows one who tends to vacillate or be indecisive. A cross here suggests a self-serving nature and perhaps dishonesty.

The Mound of Venus - The Mound of Venus is the fleshy region at the base of the Thumb. It is connected to love; both sexual love and sensuality, and spiritual love and compassion. If it is firm and well-developed, the Mound of Venus shows a capacity for both; sexual and spiritual love. If it is over-fleshed, it suggests a strongly sensual nature; and perhaps a sexual athlete. If under-fleshed it shows a person who suffers for or through love, though they may seek out situations which cause them suffering. If the Mound of Venus is marked with stars or triangles, it shows happiness and success in love. A square suggests protection in romantic situations. Crosses or crosshatchings suggest that the person will be unhappy of frustrated romantically.

The Mound of the Moon - The Mound of the Moon is the fleshy region at the outside base of the palm, opposite the Thumb. The Mound of the Moon has to do with imagination and creativity. If the Mound of the Moon is well developed and firm, it indicates a person with a good imagination, and original ideas. If the Head Line comes down onto the Mound of the Moon, it indicates an adventurous and inventive individual who may blaze new trails. However if the Head Line comes too far onto the Mound of the Moon it suggests that the imagination may be too strong, and that the person may have trouble distinguishing between reality and fantasy. A star on the Mound of the Moon represents one who makes new discoveries or creates new ways of doing things. Lots of little horizontal lines on the Mound of the Moon indicate an adventurous person who may make many journeys to far places during their lifetime. A cross on the Mound of the Moon suggests a person who may have trouble focusing in the real world.

The Mounds and Field of Mars - The Field of Mars is the flattish area in the center of the hand. If the Field of Mars is flat, it indicates an open and outgoing person. If the Field of Mars is hollow, that is to say it appears sunken in the hand, then the individual is likely to be very private, even secretive –and likely to be cautious or calculating. The Mounds of Mars are located to either side of the Field of Mars –at the outside middle of the hand, or opposite in the space between the thumb and forefinger. The Inner Mound of Mars represents ambition and drive. The Outer Mound of Mars represents self-discipline. If the Inner Mound of Mars is well developed it shows desire for success and ability to focus on ones goals. If it is over-developed, the individual may be too assertive in pursuit of those goals, and tend to steamroll others. If the Inner Mound of Mars is under-developed the person may lack confidence and tend to be steamrolled by others. If the Outer Mound of Mars is well developed, it indicates self-control and discipline. If it is too firm, the person may tend to be too hard on themselves. If it is soft and fleshy, the person may lack self-discipline. A star in any of the Martian areas indicates success through ones own efforts a self-made person. Crosses or crosshatchings on the Martian areas suggest that the individual has many opponents or enemies, of whom they may or may not have knowledge. A square suggests the same thing, but says that these enemies will not be able to damage the person. A circle warns that the person must be careful not to leave themselves open to attack.

The Fingers

The Index Finger. The Index Finger is ruled by Jupiter. Its special qualities relate to position, prosperity, and authority.

The Middle Finger. The Middle Finger is ruled by Saturn. Its special qualities relate to duty, to ones lifes work, and to karma. The Ring Finger is also related to psychic and spiritual matters, and to introspection.

The Ring Finger. The Ring Finger is ruled by the Sun. Its special qualities relate to creativity, self-fulfillment, and the arts also fame.

The Little Finger. The Little Finger is ruled by Mercury. Its special qualities relate to the mind, business, communication, and money.

Conical Fingertips - Indicate strong imagination.

Spatulate Fingertips - Indicate inventiveness and originality.

Pointed Fingertips - Indicate artistic sense and love of harmony.

Square Fingertips - Indicate practicality and common sense.

Thus if the Index Finger drifts toward the Middle Finger, it shows that ones lifes work will wind respect and position.

If the Ring Finger drifts toward the Middle Finger, it shows that ones creativity will be of help to others, and that ones destiny is met through self-expression.

If the Little Finger drifts toward the Ring Finger, it shows that success will come through creativity and self-promotion.

If the Little Finger stands well apart from all the others, it shows that the mind is strong and independent, and issues of learning and teaching are likely to be important.

The Thumb. The Thumb is built differently from the other fingers, and thus it is interpreted differently as well. The Thumb is ruled by Venus, and it represents the will.

A very long thumb represents a strong mind and ability to concentrate. A very short thumb represents a person for whom physicality means more than mind.

The Thumb, too, is divided into parts. The top joint of the Thumb represents ego and will power. The lower joint of the thumb represents logic and reason. Ideally they should be about equal in length.

If the top part of the Thumb is much longer than the bottom, it represents stubbornness and egotism.

If the top part of the Thumb is much shorter than the bottom, it shows a weak will.

The Thumb is also evaluated according to its flexibility. How far back the top part of the Thumb can bend, indicates how flexible the person is in dealing with others. If the top part of the Thumb bends well back, the person is very adaptable and can easily adjust to circumstances. If it bends too far back however (near a 90 degree angle), they may tend to be a pushover for others. If the top of the Thumb does not bend back far, the person is set in their ways of doing things, and does not like disruptions.
How far the Thumb can be spread out from the hand indicates the persons generosity. If it spreads far out, it shows a person who is generous and giving. If it only spreads out a little way, they are more likely to be concerned with what they have for themselves.

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