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Twas The Night Before Winter
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Twas the night before winter, when all through the town.
The creatures flew south, and the leaves all came down.
The house is all decorated, with Santa's delight.
And the tree lies in wait, for red and green light.

The family gathers round, in this time of great joy.
They decorate the tree, and save the star for the boy.
In the kitchen theres me, making turkey noodle soup.
And there are treats, and goodies, all for the group.

Then out in the living room, there became a great roar.
Larrys got the popcorn, and sends it to soar.
Away from the kitchen I flew like flash.
I saw the great mess, and developed a rash.

While Ashley decorated the tree, the popcorn was strung.
The lights were plugged in, as the carols were sung.
Then into the dinning room, for a feast of a King
We all filled our bellies, and decided to sing.

Now its time for the Yule log, so I slipped out of site.
I prepared it for lighting, as part of the rite.
I call all the family, to join in the game.
And I whistled, and shouted, and called them by name.

Now Ashley, and Larry, Bob, and Gammy.
Come quickly dear Jenny, Ryan, and Granny.
To the living room please come, where the Yule log now sits.
There will be three to light it, as the three of us fits.

Now Ashley begins, the one candle she lights.
Its the maiden aspect, and its hers by her rite.
I in the middle as the mommy, I am.
You've guessed it by now its the mother aspect I am.

The last to light the log is Gammy of course.
She the wisest with knowledge, and the one with the force.
Cronings the aspect she represents with great glow.
We should all listen closely, as she guides us to grow.

As the Yule log is lit, we all say a prayer.
Of good wishes to all, with a good season to share.
We will hope that the season fills all of those joys.
And that all of the kiddies get lots of little toys.

As the nights winding down, and our minds become weary,
The thoughts of this holiday make us all cheery.
Cause with the passing of time, tradition been torn.
But with this years celebration, anothers been born.

So as my loved one head home, and some to their beds.
This loving filled holiday will stay in their heads.
As this night starts the season, with family, and friends.
We know its not over, its the beginning of a trend.

So as Gammy takes off in her red covered car.
She says see you tomorrow, will make cookies for that jar.
Then Friday will come, its the biggest day of all.
Its the holiday tradition, and we answer the call.

So Happy Yule to the family, as they leave for the night.
But Christmas is coming; it takes off with a flight.
The turkey will roast and the dinner lies about
The presents then opened, and no one goes without.

When alls said and done, we've had a good year.
The ones that we love celebrate with us here.
The familys together, and thats all that counts.
And the love that is shared is in huge amounts.

As we all spring to our cars, and they give us a roar.
Some will head home, away from the shore.
But as they all leave, and drive out of sight.
They yell out their windows Merry Christmas and Yule, and have a good night.

By Laura Velli
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