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Rev Gigis B.O.S.

Druid Tools

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Druid Tools
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Animal and plant remains
The ancient Druids used these for decorative, medical, and riligous purposes. Some Druids used colourful bird feathers in their cloaks to denote their rank.

Bell Branch
Is traditionally a silver tree branch with gold bells attached to it. It is used to attract the Gods with its pleasing sound, and to chase away malevolent spirits as the sound is offensive to them. Modern Druids use the Bell Branch to make calls to spirits and deities, and to purify a person on a spiritual level, to announce the beginning and the ending of a ceremony.

this is a pot that modern Druids use to make and distribute offerings.

Crane Bag
this is talked about in legends, and it is said that it is a bag that contains many gifts from the deities, and is full during high tide and empty during low tide. This bag is also simalar to the medicine bundle of the Native American Indians.

Curved blade
sickle or scyth Pliny, In modern Druidism the curved blade has entered common use as a cutting implement. Its shape is also reminiscent of the crescent moon.

Druid Egg
This is a small objest that is formed from a dried spittle of serpants, and possesses magical healing quallities.Its not a widespread tool in modern Druidism, although it is used by some as a ritual implement for grounding, or drawing unhealthy energy from a patient into the egg where it is supposed to be incubated and transformed into positive energy.

Druid Rod
is made from hazel and when used for directing energy for magical workings must touch the thing it is directed at.

Musical instruments
These are constructed from animal, and plant remains. In the old Celtic religion these tools belonged to the Bard, however they were a part of public Druid ceremonies.

A ring of stones on the ground was probably a temple, or a place for religious ceremony. Many of the stone circles are names for the Druids, like Drombeg Circle in West Cork, Ireland, which is also known as the Druid's Altar. Stones can channel, store, and direct earth-energy, and thus were used for markers, set in circles, and libations were poured over them in sacrifice.

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