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Rev Gigis B.O.S.
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The Awen - Three upright bars, with the tops of the outer two bars leaning toward the top of the center bar. This symbol is widly used by modern Druids, and is sometimes drawn with three stars above it with the whole enclosed in three circles. Awen is Welsh for inspiration.

The Celtic Cross - is a Christian Cross with a circle in the middle where the lines cross. It is a symbol of Celtic Christianity, and is used for grave markers, landmarks of holy sites, and monuments.

The Circle - is a simple geometric shape that everyone knows, it is the Pagan part of the Celtic Cross. It is a natural shape for religious symbols around the world, as it is the shape of the sun, and moon.

The Crescent Moon - is a symbol probably introduced into Druidism by the Romantics, it stands for the divine Feminine principle of fertility.

The Druid Sigil - is a circle intersected by two vertical lines.

The God with the Horns - is a male God with horns on his head, usually stag antlers but sometimes small bull horns. This is used commonly by pagans, and is a representation of God and not Druidism as a whole. The antlers represent tree branches, and stand for fertility, and the bull horns stand for power. The goat horns were not used in the image until christianity and at that time stood for subservience, domesticity, and also sin & evil.

The Head - had a mystical significance. To the Celts, it was the seat of the soul. Mythologies report many heroes beheading their enemies to ensure they stay dead and numerous excavations of Celtic buildings have niche holes carved to hold human heads.

Long White Beards - Romantic period depictions of Druids in art and in caricature typically showed them with long white beards, long white hair, and long white robes.

The Spiral - is a Neo lithic monuments that typically have spiral pattern carved into stones. its is believed that the represent the cycles of the seasons, day and night, and life and death although this is unclear as the spiral is pre Celtic.

The Tree - is the primary symbol of the Druids. Each tree has its own meaning, and there was no one symbolic meaning. Trees are the bridges between the relms of land and sky.

The Triskele - is a rounded spiral with three arms radiating from the center, and turning counter clockwise. its stands for land, sky, and sea.

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