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This is the art of reading the human body in a similar way as one my read the tarot, or tea leaves. The purpose of this kind of reading would be to devine the personality characteristics of the individual, along with aspects of their future, as well as their present.

This form of divination is older than most because we have had our human bodies longer than say tarot cards or crystal balls. It is our nature to try an analyze, and categorize whatever is at our hands, and to use the information that is gained as a guage as to what to expect from the future.

This form of divination can tell alot about a person. It can tell basic caracteristics, a potential that one might have, and even in someways how to deal with a particular person. It can also be an aid in healing if one can factor in the physiognomical meaning of an injury, or the energy blockage.

One would be surprised at how physiognomy still has an influence in modern culture once one knows what to look for. Such as physiognomical assumptions like a firm, or receding chin, a small or large nose, and even what we constitute as an honest face.

There are several differant forms of physiognomy, and it does not only deal with the appearence and condition of the body parts, but it can also be used to interpret spiritual sources of pain or illness by its location. One can also take notice that it is not only tha body definitions themselves that are relavent but the clothing as well. like if a person wears a tight necked color it could reveal a persons concern with self control, and will power.

Hair - Independence, originality, self-direction. Hair that is very thick indicates a vital and original mind. Hairs connection to freedom and self governance is one reason why some people are afraid of long, loose hair.

Forehead - Intelligence. The forehead is said to indicate the individuals intelligence: width of the forehead indicates the individuals breadth of thought and adaptability of ideas: Height of the forehead indicates the individuals depth of thought, their ability to develop upon an idea and to get more out of it.

Ears - Understanding. Ears are said to indicate the ability to learn from outside sources, and to understand what one has learned. Large ears indicate a person who is strongly influenced by external sources. Small ears indicate a person who tends to keep their own counsel. Long earlobes indicate wisdom and understanding though not necessarily about all things.

Eyes - The soul, inner self. Eyes are said to be the mirror of the soul and they indicate both the state of the inner self and also the extent to which the individual expresses it. Large, wide eyes indicate a person who is very open about themselves, and who puts up few emotional defenses. Deep set eyes indicate an individual who tends not to show their inner self so quickly, and who reveals their inner feelings only to those they trust. Similarly wide set eyes are said to indicate an emotionally open nature, while close set eyes indicate one who puts up many emotional protections to shield the inner self.

Nose - Ego, outer self. The nose is said to represent the ego, and the outer persona. The size of the nose indicates whether a person measures the world in terms of their own needs and ideas or the needs and ideas of others. The larger the nose, the firmer the ego. The smaller the nose, the more accommodating the individual is likely to be towards other people. That is not to say that a larger nose indicates in any way a lack of interest in or concern for others rather the relative firmness or flexibility in their reactions to others.

Mouth - Sensuality, emotional openness. The mouth tends to indicate the pleasure one derives from sensation, and from interaction with others. The fuller the lips, the more one enjoys sensation and physical pleasure (as for example the taste of food, the various textures of things, the sight of beauty, etc...) The width of the mouth tends to indicate emotional openness: a wide mouth with thin lips might indicate a person who enjoys interacting with people and is open in expression, but whose nature is mental rather than sensual: a small mouth with thick lips would suggest a person who tends to keep their emotions to themselves, but who derives much enjoyment from the senses.

Jaw - Determination: ambition: resolve. A square jaw indicates a person who can be very focused and single-minded. If its too square, the person may not know when to quite, and will continue trying to force goals through long after they have ceased to be relevant. A more narrow jaw indicates a person who will vary their approach, and is more likely to work around than confront impediments. Too narrow and the jaw indicates irresolution and inability to persevere.

Chin - Will power, self-confidence. The chin indicates self-confidence and self-image. A prominent chin indicates self-assurance, and confidence in getting ones points across. A receding chin indicates one who tends to be reticent, and who may have issues of inferiority.

Neck - Self-control, self-image: how much one puts up a public façade. Most people are concerned with how other people perceive them, whether they admit or not. This concern often shows in the neck area. The relative thickness of the neck indicates the extent to which the person attempts to control their image, a thin neck indicating relatively open expression with little emotional façade. A thick neck, or one with many lines or markings, indicates that the person exercises conscious control in how they present themselves to others, and tends not to show their thoughts and feelings to everyone.

Shoulders - Issues of responsibility, duties and obligations. The relative width of the shoulders not the muscle but the frame- indicates ones capacity to bear up under responsibility. Broad shoulders indicate the ability to take on and fulfill more responsibility. Narrow shoulders indicate a person who is more likely to be of help to others in positions of authority. Broad but sloping shoulders indicate one who will incline to intellectual responsibilities more than material ones.

Upper back - Emotional responsibilities. The upper back indicates ones relationship with emotional responsibilities toward others, and the struggle which can arise between duties one has assumed toward others vs. ones duty to oneself. Trouble with the upper back tends to indicate that the individual has damaged themselves through their duties to others either being overwhelmed by them or unable to fulfill them- or sometimes through anxiety regarding these duties. Most often such trouble in the upper back indicates that the person has either gone well beyond their real responsibilities, or has assumed responsibility for duties which should never have been theirs in the first place.

Lower back - Financial responsibilities. The lower back indicates ones relationship with financial and material obligations. If a person is having troubles with their lower back, they are likely to be either weighed down by bills and/or disturbed by financial losses or the fear of potential losses: or they may have been extending themselves too far in providing financial or material help to others, so that they have done damage to themselves through over-generosity.

Arms - Skills and abilities, talents, career.

Underarms - How much of the inner self one expresses in daily life.

Elbows - Flexibility in dealing with others.

Wrists - Ability to master multiple skills or talents: multi-tasking ability.

Hands - Self-expression, creative ability. The over-all shape of the hand shows the manner in which the individual expresses their creativity in life: A Conical hand, wider at the wrist than at the base of the fingers, shows the creative energy expressed in mental and intellectual ways: A Spatulate hand, wider at the base of the fingers than at the wrist, shows an original, inventive creativity: A Pointed hand, with a wide and rounded at the wrist and narrower at the base of the fingers, is emotional and artistic in expression: A Square shaped hand shows practical expression of creativity. You will find more information on hand shape below under Palmistry.

Fingers - The degree to which the self is expressed through career or vocation. Each finger has a meaning relative to career, and which is longest and how they are formed shows how the career can express the self. The Index Finger indicates a career that carries authority and prestige: the Middle Finger indicates a career that deals with spirituality and introspection, or with duty: the Ring Finger indicates a career dealing with creativity: and the Little Finger indicates a career in business or communication. You will find more information on the fingers and how to read them under Palmistry.

Breast/pectoral - Ability to nurture and protect: people, things, or oneself.

Nipple - Ability to derive pleasure from interactions with others. Large, dark, or unusually prominent nipples indicate a person who greatly enjoys contact with others, and needs this in their life. In some cases they may tend to measure themselves by how others see them. Small or inverted nipples indicate a very self-contained person, with less need for interpersonal interaction.

Diaphragm - Confidence in dealing with others.

Upper Belly - Determination, perseverance, guts. If the upper region of the belly should happen to be prominent, it indicates a person who is very focused in pursuit of their goals. This person is very determined, and likely to be stubborn. Once they have set their path, few things can deter this person. Similarly, if the upper stomach has a sunken appearance, the person is likely to vacillate and defer their own goals because of the needs of others or because of circumstances. If this region is unusually hairy (proportionate to gender) it indicates a person who can be very focused and determined, but who may appear vacillating or accommodating on the surface.

Lower Belly - Ability to break down and understand complex ideas and situations. This is the area around and just under the navel. If it is prominent it indicates one who can comprehend difficult concepts, and see below the surface of things to grasp their causes. This has nothing to do with whether or not the subject is heavyset. This area can protrude on even very slender people. Likewise, this region may not be prominent even with a very large belly.

Navel - Introspection and self-understanding. This can be judged by how deep-set the bellybutton is. Again this is not based upon slenderness vs stoutness even very thin people can have comparatively deep-set bellybuttons, while the heavyset can sometimes have very prominent navels.

Hips - Desire for comfort, material things, need for support.

Buttocks - Inner emotions, inner needs.

Thighs - Ambition, willingness and ability to get ahead. The thighs indicate not only a persons ambition, but also the nature of the persons ambitions. The degree of fleshiness in the thigh tends to suggest whether and to what extent the persons ambitions are directed toward internally or externally motivated goals. This can be either in terms of whether the goals are set by the person or set up for them by others, or in terms of whether the goals are directed toward internal or external results: spiritual vs career goals for example. The thicker the thigh the more likely the persons goals are internal to themselves. This can be difficult to read however, since an internal goal is sometimes expressed in a very external manner, and vice versa. The relative firmness of the thigh indicates the degree of the persons resolve: both how strongly they focus on achieving their goals, but also how able they are to alter them if need be.

Knees - Ability to adapt to situations, changes, the unexpected. The knees indicate ones ability to roll with the punches. How a person reacts to sudden challenges, difficulties, or the need to make unexpected changes, are indicated by the knees. This is especially true in reference to dealing with authority figures or institutions. Stiff knees indicate a person who does not easily bend to circumstances or to the will of others. Weak knees indicate a person who bends too easily, thus losing their sense of self and giving away their own power.

Calves - Ability to enjoy the fruits of ones life path. A thick calf be it fleshy or muscular- suggests a person who takes much pleasure in achievement: whether of a personal or a career oriented nature. A thin calf indicates a person who takes a less emotional and more mental approach to their achievements.

Ankles - Flexibility in life path. Security: confidence: satisfaction. Strong, thick ankles suggest a person who can adapt to and withstand most of challenges that life throws them not to say that they will be unaffected by them. Delicate ankles indicate a less adaptive nature, with clear beliefs and goals which are altered only with difficulty. Fat ankles indicate a person who takes change with difficulty and has created emotional protections within themselves to shield them from the pain they associate with change/loss. A person who twists their ankle unusually often, or who has more serious ankle problems is having difficulty adjusting to the changes required by their life path, or who is resisting a need to change the life path itself.

Feet - Life path: the direction or quality of life. Feet indicate the life path and the conditions surrounding it. While the heel indicates the core beliefs and desires upon which the life path is built, the foot as a whole indicates the current conditions of the life path; whether the individual is satisfied with their life, and what they are getting out of it. Callused and battered feet tend to suggest a person who is not enjoying the way they are living, or perhaps who is facing one challenge after another. Foot pain indicates a person for whom major issues of life path are giving difficulty perhaps the life path is too narrow, or involves great challenges or difficulties, or very often because the life path has come to involve giving their power away to others.

Heel - Foundation of life path. The relative firmness and prominence of the heel, together with whether it is smooth or callused indicate how strong the base upon which the person has built their life is. While the foot itself speaks more to how the person is living at the moment, the heel speaks to their inner ideals and direction in life as they experience it at their core. Whether their direction in life is based upon strong convictions and focused desires, or shifts and vacillates; whether they are happy with their goals in life or not; whether their core beliefs have been challenged or battered by lifes experiences. For many people the inner foundations of their life path are suborned by crossed wires contradictory beliefs they may not even know are there. This might be expected to show up in a weakness of the heel. However it should be born in mind that spiritual people are always in a process of addressing such issues, consciously or otherwise, as they come into greater and greater self-awareness; this too will show up on the heel, but should not be interpreted as an affliction but rather as a challenge.

Toes - Degree to which the inner self is expressed in the life path. Long, thin toes suggest a person who expresses their inner self a great deal through life path: that is, the outer direction of their life expresses strongly their inner being. Shorter toes often express a person whose inner self is distinctly separate from their worldly expression.

Soles - The sole of the foot indicates the inner resources with which the individual supports their life path: beliefs, emotions, and inner strengths with which to deal with the experiences encountered in life. A fleshy sole suggests a person who has many such inner resources. A bony sole suggests one who must look outside of themselves for strength in times of difficulty. A heavily callused sole suggests one who keeps their inner self very private, and who does not permit others to see them dealing with inner issues.

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