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Rev Gigis B.O.S.
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The laws of Karma focus on human endeavors and how to adjust
ourselves for peace and joy. Karma is about good as well as bad. If you feel the
irresisitible impulse to do good, it creates the domino effect of
more good---if there is a desire to deceive, deception or evil is
what you get in return...


The Great Law "As You Sow, So Shall You Reap" - If there is a
cause, there is an effect. What goes around comes around.

The Law of Creation

"You Attract What You Are, Not What You Want" -
The law states that living healthy, wealthy, successful and peaceful
requires our participation. We are one together, inside and out. Our
surroundings and happenings are clues to our inner nature, and our
true nature is what is around us. People like people, who like what
they like. If you want to attract loving people, be loving; if you
want to! attract smart people, become smarter in a subject. If you
want a perfect mate, develope the traits that you seek first, and
life will bring it. We are not alone in the universe; we are
connected beyond our selves to all. We create our enviroment from the
inside out.

The Law of Humility
"What You Resist, Persists For You" - This law
states that we choose our enemies and give them strength.
The more that we
deny the truth about ourselves, and the more we focus on everyone
else's faults, the louder we confess that we are without humility and
are part of the problem.

The Law of Growth
"Wherever You Go, There You Are" - The is the law
about creating your own surroundings;
A desire to change, takes time, and must begin
with heart-felt desire; this is the only way that change will last.
Life then sees to it that negative people and enviroments drift away
all by themselves.

The Law of Mirrors
"Whenever There Is Something Wrong, There Is
Something Wrong In Us" - This is the law of personal
responsibilty.We must ask ourselves to look harder in those

The Law of Synchronicity
"Whatever You Do, Do It With Excellence" -
This is the law about the chain of connectdness to everything that
exist. The lesson here is to learn displine with humilty in
all things.

The Law of Direction & Motives
"Do Not Be Double-Minded" - This is
the law of higher spiritual values verses lower earthly natures. When
we are focused on highe! r values, there is no room for thoughts of
greed, selfishness, jealousy, or anger. If we think about growing
spiritually, we can not think of revenge at the same time. What you
concentrate most on is your true nature. Do we have thoughts of
getting even or causing peace. When we rise in the morning do we wish
the Divine and the Universe peace, do we give our family love and
attention; so at work we can fully concentrate at the job at hand? Do
we foster hidden agendas or selfish gains? Do we court favor with
those of power and means? All these things feed the lower earthly
nature which are not of 'Divine Love'.

The Law of Willingness
"Walk What You Talk" - This law
demonstrates what we believe in, and our willingness to prove and
show it. We must give what we have,
expecting nothing in return.

The Law of Now
"Live In The Present" - This law emphasizes living in
the NOW, and leaving the past behind.Forgiveness is the key to letting go of the past.
Forgiveness of self and others.

The Law of Change
"The More Things Change, The More Things Stay The
Same" - History will repeat itself until we learn the lessons that
change our path altogether. Like father, like son.

The Law of Patience & Reward
"Responsibility" - Joy comes when we
are doing what needs! to been done, at the time that it should be done
in. Before reward and enlightenment comes you
must become selfless.

The Law of Love
"No Other Law Is Above Love, Love Is The Law" - When
we truly operate out of love for our fellowman, without any hidden
agendas, but out of true caring, the Heavens and the Universe sing
our name. No other power is greater, for it created the whole
universe and everything that is there within it. What we send out
returns to us three-fold. What greater gift is there.

copywrite 2004 ladyshadowfeather