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Rev Gigis B.O.S.
Spiritual, & Practical Laws of the Craft
Wiccan Laws
Rites of Passage
Sabbat & Esbat Rituals
Magical Alphabets
Wiccan Tools
Druid Tools
Wiccan Clothing
Magical Words

Spiritual Laws of the Craft

1. No truth is absolute
2. The universe consists of opposites
3. For every action there is a reaction
4. We are all one, we are all connected
5. The ultimate act of spirituality is creation through love manifesting harmony
6. What we give to spirit will return to us
7. We must never close our mind to knowledge
8. A circle is a holy place, negativity is not acceptable
9. The body of the witch is used to channel and focus energy,
tools are merely focusing aids
10. Use common sense, to not teach the mysteries to fools
11. Witches are not to give the identities of otherwitches as
discrimination still haunts the earth

The Practical Laws of the Craft

1. Never use a system you do not understand
2. Do not set a price on magickal work (other than supplies)
3. Never use your magickal skills to show off
4. Learn to banish first, as binding may be overkill
5. Know that what is created it thought manifests in reality
6. Never lie to yourself
7. Injuries, sickness often result from low self-esteem, not always negative magick
8. Power grows in relation to wisdom
9. Never use magick for negative purposes
10. Never do less than your best
11. Do not give into the negative words of others about your faith or lifestyle
12. Do not lend out your Magickal Record
13. Property owned should be guarded mundanly and spiritually
14. Do not use the fact that another is a witch to seek revenge
through judicial or secular means
15. Respect the science of magick, but it is not sacred
16. Sex is not to be used for ritual unless between consenting, mature adults.
It is never used in teaching.
17. Teaching is not done for money, and must be in a safe environment,
with equal rights for both student and teacher

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