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Rev Gigis B.O.S.
Making your point spell
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Items needed:
small rock, stone or gem
Blue Candle
Light a blue candle and
Hold the rock in both hands and concentrate on what you have to say. See it being said clearly and articulatly
now say:
With all good energy from my will,
in my hands this stone will fill.
My voice be clear,
To those be heard.
My point get accross,
and will not be tossed.
by my will be done,
with no harm to none.
so mote it be
Carry the rock with you when its time to speek your peace.

Second version
Item Needed:
piece of white rope about 1 foot long
Blue Candle
Light a blue candle and
Take the rope in your hands and tie a knot in it at one end
Now Say:
with knot of one my will be done.
my voice be clear and strong.
now tie a knot in the center of the rope.
Now Say:
with knot of two, and my word like glue.
my point is made to you.
now tie a knot at the other end of the rope
Now Say:
with knot of three, my words go to thee
with the powers of three times three.
and with no harm to none
this will be done.
so mote it be.
Carry the rope with you when it is time to speak and be heard correctly.

copywrite 2004 ladyshadowfeather