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Rev Gigis B.O.S.

Prayer knots

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Think of something that has happened that I have done wrong it, and emagine healing energies for that, and anyone connected with it. Hold the rope and emagine it filling with a brilliant white healing energy of light

Say :
Mother Earth, and Father Sky please lend me your aid in the healing of the ones I have wronged. Please take this healing energy that I offer through this rope of white and send it on to those whom need.May this energy be passed through the wind as it blows, and received by the persons thats I wronged, and have woes. with no harm done to none and my will and your aid. so mote it be.

Now tie 3 knots into the rope one at each end and 1 in the center

This first knot I tie is for the gentlemans pain may the healing be
be strong, may the gentleman stay.

The second is for the wonderful mom, may the pain that she's felt,
totaly be gone.

The 3rd is for me, may I learn from this wrong, may all the pain
thats been felt please be all gone.

Now tie rope onto dreamcatcher.

Oh brilliant dreamcatcher above,
that represents the circle of life.
I tie this healing rope upon you.
I ask that with the winds of the night you send the healing
forth to those I have wronged, and I pray that at first mornings
light all the pain be gone so its right.
with the powers of 3 x 3 and harm done to none.
so mote it be.

copywrite 2004 ladyshadowfeather