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The Campbell crest of the Chief bears a Boars head. The Boars head was originally a symbol of the Mother Goddess. This may have come from when the Campbell's inherited Lorne through heiresses who descended from the Old Norse sea kings of the House of the Spirit Freya. All though the Boars head is carved on the ancient rock of Dunadd, which is the inauguration place of the early kings of Argyll. The Chief of the Clan Campbell is also the Duke of Argyll, and the Marquis of Lorne, and this was from his royal descent in the female line from the ancient Kings of Argyll.

Many claim that the Campbell's are the oldest clan from the Highlands, but this would be very hard to prove, or disprove, as there is not much evidence available. But it can be said that the Campbell Clan is a very ancient house, and that it descends from the clan Dhuibhne, whose earliest ancestor was Diarmad.

The Campbell clan was known as the race of Diarmid, and for centuries were the most powerful influence in Argyll, and West Scotland. In the 13th century Archibald Campbell obtained the Lordship of Lochow through his marriage to the daughter of the King's treasure, and for a long time after this the Campbell's of Lochow formed one of the chief branches of the clan.

Sir Colin Campbell of the Campbell's of Argyll was knighted in 1280, and from the chief of the Argyll family had received the designation, MacCailean Mor. Which was retained by the Dukes of Argyll till present day. Sir Duncan his descendant was created a peer by King James II in 1445, and Duncan's grandson Colin was created Earl of Argyll in 1447. Archibald, Lord High Chancellor, whom was his son, was killed at Flodden in 1513.

Archibald, 5th Earl commanded the army of Queen Mary at the battle of Langside, and his brother Colin supported the young King. Archibald, 7th Earl, had commanded the army, which was defeated by the Earl's of Huntly, and Errol in 1594. His son was the leader of the Covenanters, and he was created Marquis in1641, however in spite of his loyalty he was beheaded in 1661, along with his son Archibald for his part in the Monmouth rebellion. Archibald 10th Earl, returned along with William of Orange, and by him was elevated to Dukedom. John 2nd Duke of Argyll was created Duke of Greenwich in the peerage of the United Kingdom.

Dairmid O'Duine is generally regarded as the founder of the clan Duibhne, or Campbell's, and in 1368 a crown charter acknowledged Duncan MacDuibhne as progenitor of the Campbell Lords of Lochow. Duncan appeared to have lived under the reign of Alexander II, and according to tradition, Eva O'Duibhne, heiress of the line, married the first Campbell, and carried with her the chiefship of her tribe.

The real founder of the Campbell's of Argyll was Cailean MOR, from whom the chiefs get his patronymic of MacCailean MOR. This Colin was slain at Ath-Dearg (red Ford), in Lorn, 1294.

This story was obtained through research on the internet. I do not know whom the author is, however if anyone does, or there are any objections to me using the story please contact
me and let me know. Thank you

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