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Symbols of Yule

The symbols of the Yule Sabbat are evergreens, fire, garlands of dried flowers or popcorn, holly, misletoe, wreaths, Yule logs, Yule tree. The colors associated with Yule would be red, green, white, silver, and gold. Some of the herbs and flowers that are associated with this sabbat are bayberry, cedar, chamamile, evergreen, frankincense, holly, ivy, juniper, mistletoe, nutmeg, oak, pinecones, poinsettia, rosemary, and sage.

The Yule Log
On Christmas eve a large freshly cut log of wood called the Yule log would be brought into the house for a creat ceremony. The master of the house would place the log on the hearth, and then make libations by sprinkling the trunk with oil, salt, and mulled wine. He would then say a prayer. In some households a young girl would light the log using splinters from the past year that they had carefully saved. In other households the mother would light the log. It is believed that the cinders from this log could protect the house from lightning, and malevolent powers of the devil. The Yule log has many magical properties for the ashes from it. The ashes were kept in the house for the intire year, and were used for many purposes. It would protact the house from thunderstorms, hail, and lightning. The ashes mixed with fodder would make the cows calve, and brands thrown into the soil to keep corn healthy.

These evergreens were cherished during the Yule season for they symbolise rebirth, and life during winter whiteness. Holly was used to decorate doors, window, and fireplaces to ward of or capture evil sprirts before they could enter and cause harm.

The Yule Cat
This legend comes from Iceland, and is of a sinister, and gargantuan Yule cat. The legend says that the cat is ready to eat lasy humans whom did not help with the work in the village, or did not finish all the work on the autumn wool by Yule time.

This was used for special ceremonies by the Druids. This ceremony was held five days after the new moon that followed the winter solstice. Priests would cut the mistletoe from the holy oak tree with a golden sickle, and the branches would have to be cought before they hit the ground.

Some of the food used in the celebration of Yule are cakes, pies, fruits such as apples, and citrus fruits, gingerbread, nuts, turkey, goose, pork, popcorn, sweets, eggnog, and mulled cider.

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