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Here are a few of the differant Pagan Traditions.
Wiccan Rede & Goals
Anglo-Romani - This is based on the beliefs of the Gypsy people from Brittain, and Ireland. It is often blended with mystical aspects from the European Catholicism.

Arthurian - This tradition is from Whales, and Comwall, and is based on Arthurian myths. They see all the figures in the stories as divine images.

Caledonii - It orginates in Scotland and is blended with ancient Scottish lore, and was once called Hecatine.

Celtic Witchcraft - This is a branch of Gardnerian witchcraft which uses Quabalistic magic.

Correllian Nativist - This tradition combines traditional Wicca with Native American practices. It is based on the High Correll Family's teachings, and practices. Correllianism is very philosophical, and synchretic in their views, believing that the diety comes from within an individual.
Correlian Nativist Tradition

Dianic - This is a women only tradition which practices women's mysteries. They celebrate the seasons of life, and thier place on the circle of rebirth. Beliefs  History  Goddess Diana  Hollidays  Groups

Druidic Witches - Their path is based on practices, rituals, and magic from the Celtic priestly class that is known as the Druids.
Ancient Druids

Dryad - This is a feminist tradition of female Druidesses. They were given their name by the tree faeries from the old Celtic lands. Faery lore is a strong influence within their practices. Most of their teachings are of a Druidic nature with a modern feminist twist.

Electic Witch -Tis is someone that practices no one particular tradition, but uses whatever works for them.
History  Beliefs  Groups

Faery -They are an environmentally minded path that claims its oral teachings from the Tuatha De Danann of Ireland, and their Dieties that became the faery folk.

Green Witch - They are usually a solitary practitioner that bases their magic on herbs, and plants.

More Information on Green Witch

Hereditary - This tradition is spacific to individual familys, and is passed down through generations.

Kitchen Witch -They are ones whom practice practical magic that uses the earths power, earth objects, herbs, and elements. most of the practice is done in the kitchen, or at the hearth, or stove.

Manx - This is an Irish tradition that traces its roots back to the mystical Isle of Man. There is lots of faery lore beliefs, and ritual workings within this path. Manann Mac Llyr (God of the Sea), and Fand (a Faery Queen) are their main dieties.

Pictish Witch - This is based on the Picts that inhabbited England and Scotland before the Celts came. They are usually a solitary witch dealling with nature magic.
Scottish WitchCraft

Powwow - This tradition was founded in Pennsylvania. It is based on old German magic. The practitioners of this tradition do not call themselves witches as this comes from four hundred years of German magic.

Wiccan Shamanism - This is a blend of witchcraft and shamanic ideas.

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