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Lady ShadowFeathers Path
Talking Circle

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The talking circle is the unity of mind, body, and soul. Thoughts that are expressed here are not only ideas of the participants, but are prayers sent to the creator, and to the directions. the cirle is all encompassing, and larger than we can see with are eyes.


Talking Stick - this is used in the cirle, and is decorated with symbols that spell a prayer for everyone within the talking circle. The stick was passed around clockwise. while a person was holding the stick they had the right to talk and share aswell as be heard.

Sage - this is used for purifing the ones in the circle, and the circle itself. it is believed that the creator finds the smell pleasent so it is also used in many of the ceremonies.

Opening Prayer - this prayer is usualy done by the oldest male within the circle.

Council Fire - this fire took place with the elders for them to talk about the problems of their people and to find solutions. all the elders would bring a piece of wood so that everyone was equal.

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