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Symbols of Samhain

The Jack"o"Lantern - The autumn gourd that is known as a pumkin is one of the most prevelant symbols of Samhain, mostly because of the Jack"o"Lantern. The jack o lantern is a the very least 2 thousand years old. The first jack o lanterns were made in Ireland. They were simple faces that were carved into turnups that were easily carried. They were designed to frighten away evil spirits that were following deceased loved ones, and blocking their way to the land of the dead. They were also use for protection of the living.
The Witches Broom - This is another symbol of Samhain. The broom or as witches call it the besom was used offten in the magical practices of the middle ages. Like the caldren you could find this in every household, therefore it was not thought of as a sign of witchcraft in the courts. It is with this fact that the besoms prominence was elevated as a magical tool, and often took the place of the staves, and wands. The besom is a phallic symbol, and was used by lady witches in fertility rites. It was in this form how the idea of the Halloween witch ridding a broomstick may have come about.
Other Symbols - Black cats, cauldrens, tools of divination, animal bones, pictures of ancestors, fall crops like pumkins, and apples. Colors of Samhain are black, and orange. Herbs, and flowers of Samhain are allspice, broom, comfry, dandelion, dragons blood, catnip, ferns, flax, hazel, heather, mandrake, mugwort, mullein, oak leave or acorn, pumkin, sage, straw, thistle, and wormwood.
Foods Of Samhain Some foods for Samhain are apples, beans, beets, bread, corn, cranberry muffins, gingerbread, grains, hazelnuts, and other nuts, meat dishes. pears, pork, pumkin, red foods, root crops, cider, mulled wine, and herbal teas.

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