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Divination for Samhain

Pear an apple all in one piece, and allow it to fall to the ground. It is said that it will spell out the initials of your future mate.
Hang an apple with a coin pushed deep inside from a string, and try to bite out the coin without using hands. If you can succeed it is said that your pockets will be full throughout the year.
it is said that if you walk backwards eating an apple, and looking into a mirror, into a dark room that you will see the face of your mate in the mirrors reflection.
The art of scrying is when one gazes into an object such as a mirror, or crystals, and focusing ones mind on a question, or an issue. When scrying you could see your answers in the form of symbols that you would need to interperate, or sometimes as a complete scene that possess all the answers.
Druids would used hazelnuts that were tossed into a pattern and then burried to honor the old gods. To try this draw a small circle (1 foot in diameter) on the ground in front of you. In a cuped hand take 13 nuts and shake them while concentrating on a question. Gentle toss the nuts in front of you. Those nuts that land dirrectlyin the circle will have the most bearing on you.If more of the nuts land in the cirle the out of it, it means that you have a right to be concerned about what ever your question is. You can also look at the nuts for directional signs symbols, and letters that might apply to your question.
Some folks might wish to contact the spirits on this night, a Ouija board could be used for this. Remember that this board is controlled by unknown spirits and opening such a porthole might have some risks as you will not have the controll over it.

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