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Mother Nature's Respect

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The rain washes clean,
what the wind leaves behind.
The sun warms the air,
from the cold winters shrine.
The earth can comfort you,
if you look at it right.
The seeds that bloom,
from the pollen in flight.
The trees grow tall,
till their all chopped down.
The flowers bloom bright,
and get picked from the ground.
The animals that run,
the birds fly to the sky.
And their hunted for sport,
their shot then they die.
This is the legacy we leave,
to our children right now.
We must change our ways,
we must stop this some how.
To save the world,
we must allow it to grow.
We have to change human ways,
so this land will glow.
The earth is not ours to destroy,
Its mother natures heart and soul.
So have respect for all things living,
and you will fulfill her goal.

By Laura Velli
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