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Numerology is the science of attributing mystical symbolism to numerical value. It is based upon a principal that the inner mechanism of the nature is reflected in cycles and patterns. In numerology each letter of the alphabet is assigned a number, there fore every name or word has a numerical value.

The symbology of the numbers is from an ancient art that has numerous roots. From the Egyptian, and Arabic schools of magic to the Kabbalists, and even Alistair Crowley's numerology.

Numerology is the use of numbers for divination of the inner meanings of words, and numbers. With this all things that exist have a numerical value, and is usually done through their name. The technique can be used for a word or group of words, however it is popular used a means of character analysis which is based on a persons name, and or birthdate.

The nine numbers that are use in the Pythagorean system form an Ennead, or company of nine, and represent the nine Monads that the Goddess separated off from herself so that she could enter into the world of matter, and reunite with God, and which forms the spiritual essence of the universe, with each being as a microcosmic aspect of the Goddess. Just as each person is one of many manifestations of a Soul, so too each Soul is one of many manifestations of a Monad, the Monads being the Nine basic manifestations of the Goddess.

The qualities of the 9 numbers of the Ennead represent the unfolding nature of Goddess as She moved through the process of creation. Plus Zero and 10, included to help in understanding, the meanings of the 9 numbers are:

(0 Not used on its own in Numerology, the number Zero represents Primeval Deity: Goddess before creation. Zero is all potential and possibility, as yet unmanifest. Zero means nothing on its own, yet when united with a manifest number, such as 1 + 0 making the number 10, Zero is a gateway to higher cycles and represents Spirit behind and within matter, bringing inspiration and spiritual growth for Primeval Deity remains within all things, at the very center of existence.)

1 ONE The Monad.

Planetary Ruler: The Sun.

Cosmological Interpretation: One represents creation the Goddess separating the God from Herself: the God exploding forth into manifestation. Its symbol is a Straight Line representing focused, creative energy.

Personal Interpretation: One is dynamic and focused, goal-oriented and full of energy. One is confident, assertive, and effective. One is original, a good planner, and capable of carrying out its plans. One is self-reliant and independent. One likes to be the center of attention, and is a natural leader.

Negative: On the negative side, One can be self-centered, egoistic, and opinionated. One does not always work well with others, can be jealous or self-righteous, and does not like to share except on its own terms.

2 TWO The Dyad.

Planetary Ruler: The Moon.

Cosmological Interpretation: Two represents the duality of Goddess and God, Spirit and Matter, Yin and Yang, which forms the basis of the Universe as we know it. This was the result of creation, which separated the qualities of Primordial Deity into polar forces. Its symbol is a Right Angle, representing balance of opposites.

Personal Interpretation: Two is the number of co-operation, peace, and balance. Two dislikes conflict and tries hard to avoid it. Two is artistic, creative, and prefers to work with others rather than on their own. Two is sensitive, caring, and concerned about others. Two is also highly psychic and may tend to pick up other peoples emotions without knowing it.

Negative: Two is essentially a passive number, and can have difficulty taking action. Two tends to become depressed easily, and is strongly influenced by its surroundings Two picks up the emotions of others very easily, and often without knowing it. By the same token Two can acquire qualities it lacks by associating with those who have those qualities and acquiring them as by osmosis.

3 THREE The Triad.

Planetary Ruler: Jupiter.

Cosmological Interpretation: Three represents the Union of Goddess and God in the physical world through the medium of the soul: it is the soul, it is life itself. Its symbol is the Triangle, representing the ensouled Universe, Spirit within Matter, Goddess and God at One. This will also be recognized as the Wiccan symbol for the First Degree of Clergy.

Personal Interpretation: Three is considered the luckiest and most positive of numbers. Three is friendly, optimistic, and outgoing things come easily to Threes and people react well to threes. It is a very social number, and can usually influence people by force of personality. Three is prosperous and attracts good fortune.

Negative: On the negative side Three can be shallow, with a tendency to skim over things that need deeper consideration. Three sometimes takes things for granted, and does not always appreciate its good fortune. Because things come easily to Threes, Threes dont always learn that some things take work to acquire and can be lazy or apathetic when effort is needed.

4 FOUR The Tetrad.

Planetary Ruler: Saturn.

Cosmological Interpretation: Four represents the Four Elements, building blocks of the material world. All physical things contain these Four Elements which are qualities rather than substances as we have discussed in the First Degree Lessons- and it is through these Four Elements the Spirit manifests into the physical. The world of the Four Elements appears very solid, and can seem immobile and imprisoning to the unenlightened -but it is in fact fluid and reactive, and can be readily influenced once its true nature is understood. Four is the number of manifestation, of physical creation, and of time. Its symbol is the Square which represents stability.

Personal Interpretation: Four represents organization, practicality, and common sense. Four is efficient, economical, and thorough. It is a builder and shaper of things, and it does its work carefully and well. Four is the number of stability, of structure. Four is careful and pragmatic.

Negative: On the negative side Four can be so good at creating structure and stability that it ends up feeling held back by its own creations, even trapped by them tending to react to the structures around it rather than act n its own. We all have lessons to learn, but Four can sometimes make its lessons harder by focusing on the limitations the lesson imposes rather than the opportunity it offers. At its worst Four has a tendency to see all walls and no doors.

5 FIVE The Pentad.

Planetary Ruler: Mercury.

Cosmological Interpretation: Five represents the journey of the Soul through the world of the Four Elements. It represents consciousness and the mind: the ability to learn, understand, and reason. The ability to understand constantly grows throughout the journey of the soul, ultimately leading to ENLIGHTENMENT, complete identity with Deity. Its symbol is the Pentagram which represents the integration of Spirit with the Four Elements. This symbol was one of the most sacred symbols of the Pythagoreans, as of the Egyptians before them, and was used as an identifying symbol for the Pythagorean movement. It will also readily be recognized as the symbol of the Wiccan religion, and as the symbol of the Wiccan Second Degree of Clergy.

Personal Interpretation: Five is the number of communication, interaction, and commerce. Five is quick witted, expressive, and persuasive. Five is intelligent, inventive, learns quickly and is capable of doing many things at once. Five is able to see and develop the potential of a situation in order to derive maximum benefit from it.

Negative: On the negative side, Five can be shallow, self-centered, and scattered. Five tends to over-extend itself with too many projects, and can sometimes be a Jack-of-all-trades, Master of none. Five works fast, but it sometimes misses important details if it moves too quickly. Five can also sometimes be deceptive in the name of achieving its goals.

6 SIX The Heptad.

Planetary Ruler: Venus.

Cosmological Interpretation: Six is the number of harmony, of balance, of the smooth running cycles of life, which move constantly forward in ever changing ways. It is the number of peace, of happiness, of prosperity. It is above all the number of physical joy and pleasure in the physical world. Its symbol is the Hexagon.

Personal Interpretation: Six is the number of harmony and happiness. Six is a lover of peace, quiet, and home. Six loves family, friends, and good times. Six is artistic, creative, and loves nice things and nice people. Six is kind, nurturing, and supportive. Six dislikes conflict or unpleasantness, and works hard to create a safe, secure environment.

Negative: On the negative side Six can be very insular, concerned only with their own little world and unable to see other points of view. They also have a tendency to build their lives too much around others. Six can also get caught up in material things, becoming overly concerned with luxuries or physical pleasures. As a rule Six does not like to work too hard.

7 SEVEN The Septad.

Planetary Ruler: Uranos.

Cosmological Interpretation: Seven represents spiritual striving and learning, the desire for ascent, spiritual learning and growth. Seven is the Quest for more than physical happiness. Its symbol is often rendered as a Triangle over a Square representing the ascent of Spirit from Matter. This will also be seen to be the nucleus of the Wiccan symbol for Third Degree, usually rendered as a Triangle over a Pentagram.

Personal Interpretation: Seven is the number of spiritual seeking, and Sevens are seekers after Truth in all things. They are very honest and despise deception. Sevens are deeply curious and insightful, they love to plumb the inner depths of self-examination, and to study the which-ness of the Why. Everything presents questions to Seven, and finding answers is Sevens passion. Seven is original in thought and manner, non-conformist and idealistic.

Negative: Sevens can be prickly, and easily ruffled. They follow their own drummer, and can bitterly resent efforts by others who do not understand to try and make them conform to other peoples rules. They are very independent, and need their freedom, and will fight hard to gain and retain that freedom even sometimes when fighting is not necessary and may cause more harm than good. Sevens can also be opinionated and rigid when it comes their own ideas, and do not always find it easy to give others the freedom they crave themselves.

8 EIGHT The Ogdoad.

Planetary Ruler: Mars.

Cosmological Interpretation: Eight represents the understanding of the nature of the Universe, especially the rule of Karma: that what we do comes back to us. This is the rule which governs existence and which must be learned before true spiritual enlightenment is possible. Those who understand karma use their spiritual growth to fully unite with Deity, those who do not understand Karma create only havoc and destruction. The symbol of Eight is the three-dimensional cube illustrating the idea of seeing below the surface of things to understand their true structure.

Personal Interpretation: Eight is the number of extremes. Eight strives to be larger than life, to do everything on the grand scale and break every limit. Eight is ambitious, energetic, and determined. Eight is goal-oriented, capable of tremendous effort, and will give its all to accomplish its purpose. Eight may be either a great success or a great failure, but is never a mediocre anything.

Negative: Eights biggest problem is rigidity once Eight has set a path it is very hard to turn from it. This can lead to failures which could have been avoided by minor changes in plan or revision of concepts. Eight is sometimes overly confident, and needs to learn self-examination and perspective.

9 NINE The Ennead.

Planetary Ruler: Neptune.

Cosmological Interpretation: Nine represents the furthest extent creation can reach before beginning a new cycle. It also represents Enlightenment or UNION with Deity, which represents the furthest extent an individual can reach before beginning a new cycle. Its symbol is three interlinking triangles, either one above the other or in a circle as the ENNEAGRAM.

Personal Interpretation: Nine is the humanitarian number. If Seven represents the study of spirituality, Nine represents the practice of spirituality. Where Seven takes its spirituality inward, Nine expresses its spirituality through action. Nine is loving, giving, and very concerned with others. Nine is concerned with its place in the Universe, and strives to be at one with Spirit. Nine always tries to see the good in everything, and when possible to be of help to everyone. Nine is open, trusting, and optimistic.

Negative: On the negative side, Nine is so busy being of help to others that it often puts itself last, giving so much that it does itself harm. Nine can also be unfocused, so accepting and trusting in the Universe that it makes no plans, so concerned with both sides of every situation that it can make no decisions. Nine tends to forget that its own needs count, and are as important as anyone elses.

(10 TEN The Decad. Ten is not one of the 9 numbers used in basic Numerology: compound numbers like 10 are added together to reduce them to a single digit: 10 reduces back to 1 (1+0 = 1) and thus represents the beginning of a new cycle, a new level of creation.)

The Chart below shows how the letters of the English alphabet correspond to the 9 numbers of the Ennead. Using this chart you can divine the Numerological meaning of a name, a word, or a date by translating the letters into their corresponding numbers, and adding them together.

























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