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Lady ShadowFeathers Path

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Poems by ShadowFeather

  The cirle of life
In the east we begin, a new life that starts. The springtime is here, the seeds we all cart. In the south summer winds, its the youthful calls we here. The food is in plenty, the animals are near. In the west is the comming, of all things that change. The fall leaves are changing, our age is in high range. In the north is the wisdom, the elders wise call. Most things are sleeping, the snowflakes all fall. The circle of life, will always stay true. To the passing of time, and the beginings a new.

Great Goddess
To the Goddess of life, The one whoms adored. I follow your path, from the clues and am lored. The path is of goodness, kindness, and peace. The earth to take care of, its only on lease. The men and the women, I encounter each day. Will show all their kindness, I hope and I pray. The animals will guide me, with natural insight. I'm well on my way, with this brillant new rite.

The Cleansing of Me
I sit in comfort, my mind is open. The words I think, are sometimes spoken. I invision the light, of peacefull bright white. Above my head, it cirles just right. Its growing and gleaming, Surrounding my spirit. As it cleanses me thourogh, my body can feel it. The light stretches down, the excess energy goes. Back with the Goddess, as only she knows.

As with the passing of time, and beings anew. As so it was old, now it is new. Coming out of the winter, and so spring begins. The celibration with flowers, In the world while it spins. The Ostara Sabat, and day and night are the same. The new life has started, and growth is the game.

Its a time of honoring life, in the season of light. While some frolic and play, in the countryside tonight. The May Poll is waiting in the center of town, where the girls and the boys will all dance arown. The bon fire is lit, with the coming of night. To celebrate devine union, that shines on so bright. We'll decerate with virbrant colors, and have feasts of great wealth. While the coulpes are joining, and enjoying love and good health. The veil is the thinest two times a year, with the magic all around us, and the spirits so near. So set your altars for sabbat, its higherselfs knowledge to attain. It the ritual of life, and the magic of Beltane.

copywrite © 2004 ladyshadowfeather