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ShadowFeathers Path
Lady ShadowFeathers Path
Natures Balance

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The best way to discribe natures balance is with the wiccan term of
As Above So Below.
Which means that with all creation both great and small is from the same divine nature, and plan. They are emanations of the Goddess through the God. Which is that all things are naturally mirrored.


Involution & Evolution
Involution is the process of going inside, and narrowing ones view to the extremely personal and individual. Evolutionis comeing away from the seperate and personal and joining with the devine.

The Light & Dark Half
The light half of life is looking outward, and while doing this ones perspectives can expand, and the connection between things are felt. The dark half of life is looking inward while in this phase things will narrow and appear to decrease, and or become constrained.

Psychic Tide
This is the eternal cycles of energy within the universe, that moves in a constant process of involution and evolution.spinning always inward, and then outward. Everything that exists moves in the rythem of the phychic tide.

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