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Lady ShadowFeathers Path
Magic Circle

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The magic circle is a major part of modern wiccan practice. It is cast at the begining of ceremonies to establish the sacred space, and as an aid for the rising, and focusing of energy.

The magic circle is created from energy, and shaped by thought and emotion. Through the circle we have a strong symbolic aspect, and an objective reality that has a definite affect on the ones inside the circle. Because of its concentrated energy the circle will act as a battery giving extra energy to whats done inside the circle. The magic circle magnifies the power of the ones within.

Holding rituals in a circle is very ancient. In ceremonal magic the circle was used for protection, since it was beleived that the powers they were dealing with could bring harm. However in the wiccan circle it is used to intensify the powers they are working with instead of protection.

The circle is also a great way of using dance. which has been used in pagan rituals since the begining of time.

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