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Lady ShadowFeathers Path

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The Magic within The Earth Bound Paths

The # 1 Law in any Earth bound path is Do As You Will, But Harm None
This is the one wiccan law that will all should follow because what you do comes back to you by way of your Karma. Which is to say that anything you do weather it be magical or through your actions should be for constructive purposes only, because using your actions or magic to harm anyone or any thing is wrong and will only come back to you in the end.
Magic is creating, changing, or affecting circumstances by the manilulation of energy. It is accomplished by the focus or will power, and emotion, which shapes energy. It is best to use magic for self improvement, prosperity, and healing.
Psychism is the art or the magic of using the powers of the soul. It is using those powers passively to receive information or for communication from the higher self or from others
Higher Self
The higher self is that part of ones being that the connection with the devine is perceived. By connecting with ones higher self we can move in concert with the part of us which is devine and gain access to its knowledge, and powers.
Karma is divine justice, it tells us that for every action there is a reaction. A good action with get good reaction and a bad action will get bad reaction. Which is to say that everything we do will come back to us in time.
The Law Of Three
The law of three is a belief that what ever you do will come back to you multiple times. It can mean this either literally or symbolically. That is to say you will repeat the experance as many times as it takes to learn the lessons of your actions.
Visualization is concentrating or imagining something strongly, usually as an image. with this we can focus our mind and emotions to shape what is visualized to reality.

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