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Ancient Druids

Among the ancient Gallic people there were three types of Druids, there were the Bards, the Ovates, and the the Druids.

During this period of time there was alot of cross fertilization between Celtic culture, and that which was Greece, and Rome. The Druids were alsoresponsible for the education of the young, and for intellectual life within the community. Eventhough they were literate they taught by oral transmission, and it is said that their courses could last up to 20 years.

The Bards were the people whom keep the traditions of the tribe, and would pas them down through the generations. They were also the story tellers, poets, singers, musicians, and artists. The Bards were the tribes historians.

The Ovates were also known as the Vates. They were the people whom understood the mysteries of death, and rebirth, and divining the future, along with the ability to converse with their ancestors. The Ovates were the young students that were in the first stage of the Druidic priesthood.

The Druids were both men, and women that acted as advisors to the Kings, and rulers. They were Judges, Teachers, and authorities in worship, and in cermony.

The studied the movement of the sun, moon, and stars. They regulated the calender according to their findings.

They celebrated the sping equinox on march 21,22. Beltaine on May 1, Summer Solstice on June 21/22, Lughnasadh on August 1, Autume Equinox on Sept 21/22, Samhain on October 31, and the Winter Solstice on December 21/22.

The Druids had 3 main ideals which were to revere the Devine, abstain from evil, and to live with courage.


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