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Lady ShadowFeathers Path
Herbs, and Their Meanings

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Parsley - Calms and protects the home. Draws good luck, prosperity and financial increase. Also gives added energy, vitality.
Patchouli - Helps overcome the anger of others, calms strife, draws peace and helps settle arguments. Promotes prosperity, confidence, personal strength. Enhances sexuality and sensuality.
Peach - Induces Love, Gains Wisdom, Increases Fertility
Pecan - Employment
Pennyroyal - Draws the help of others, promotes co-operation, financial assistance from outside sources
Peony - Particularly sacred in the Correllian Tradition, Peony flowers and petals promote good luck, good fortune, prosperity and business success. The Peony seed however, sometimes called a "Jumby Bean", promotes dissension and strife
Peppermint - Promotes strength, vitality, movement and change. When added to a mixture, it speeds up the effect of the other ingredients. Also used for purification.
Pettitgrain Protection
Pikaki - Draws comfort, prosperity, success and well being.
Pine - Cleansing, purifying, promotes clean breaks and new beginnings. Repels negativity. Also promotes prosperity, growth, and increase.
Plumeria - Promotes persuasiveness, eloquence, success in dealing with people. Attracts the notice of others.
Poppy - Fertility, abundance, prosperity.
Primrose - Promotes the disclosure of secrets, resolution of mysteries, revelation of truth. Breaks down dishonesty and secrecy.
Rose - Love, peace, harmony, and tranquillity. Associated from ancient times with the Goddess, especially in Her form as Isis.
Rose Geranium - Blessing and protection. Averts negativity, especially in the form of gossip or false accusation.
Rosemary - Used for cleansing, purification, and as a strong protection. Also promotes healing and strengthens memory. Said to draw the aid of Spirits, fairies, and elves.
Rue - Protection. Repels negativity, calms emotions. Grounding. Good for smudging, psychic cleansing. Also draws prosperity by removing blockages.
Saffron - Promotes clairvoyance and psychism. Also attracts prosperity and good fortune through spiritual openness.
Sage - Used for cleansing and purification, and to promote wisdom and psychic opening. Also promotes mental clarity
Sandalwood - Blessing, healing, spirituality. Promotes clairvoyance, psychic opening. Also used for protection, banishing negativity.
Sassafras - Good for legal situations, self-empowerment, success and overcoming obstacles.
St Johns Wort - Protection. Removes negativity, dispels depression and anxiety
Savoury - Sensuality, sexuality, passion. Good for sexual magic
Sesame - Opens doors, draws new opportunities, new directions, hope. Dispels depression and negativity.
Skullcap - Relaxation, Peace, Protects Female against Partner Adultery
Spanish Moss - Protection, dispels negativity, opens blockages
Spearmint - Sharpness, Mental Awareness, Power
Spikenard - Blessing, psychic opening and spiritual elevation.
Strawberry Attracts success, good fortune, and favorable circumstances.
Sweet Pea - Draws the loyalty and affection of others, attracts friends and allies.
Tangerine - Promotes strength, vitality, energy.
Thyme - Purification, healing, strength. Attracts loyalty, affection, and the good opinion of others.
Tobacco - Used to promote peace, confidence, personal strength. Also promotes love and sensuality. Also used for protection and freedom from outside influences.
Tonka Bean - Draws love, money, promotes the accomplishment of goals.
Tuberose - Serenity, peace, tranquility. Calms the nerves and promotes romance and sensual love.
Vanilla Bean - Restore Lost Energy, Improve Mind
Verbena (Verveine/Vervain) - Protection, repels negativity. Promotes peace and tranquility.
Vetivert - Protection, overcoming obstacles, repels negativity. Also draws money, prosperity.
Violet - Promotes peace, tranquillity, happiness. Calms the nerves, draws prophetic dreams and visions. Stimulates creativity.
Willow - Used for drawing or strengthening love, healing, overcoming sadness. Lunar magic.
Wintergreen - Repels disharmony, negativity, and disease. Promotes good health, tranquillity, and peace in the home. DO NOT USE INTERNALLY.
Wisteria - Raises vibration. Promotes psychic opening, overcoming obstacles, draws prosperity..
Wood Aloe (Lignaloes or Lignam Aloes) - Protection, success and prosperity. Often used in consecration.
Wormwood - Overcomes negativity, breaks through obstacles. Especially useful for dealing with spirits or the Ancestors.
Yarrow - Promotes courage, confidence, and psychic opening. Draws love.
Ylang Ylang - Increases sexual attraction, persuasiveness

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