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Lady ShadowFeathers Path
Herbs, and Their Meanings

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Cabbage - Luck
Cactus - Protection, Chastity
Camellia -Riches
Camphor – Increases ones’ persuasiveness, personal influence. Adds strength to any mixture it is a part of. Also used for purification.
Caper - Potency, Lust, Luck
Caraway - Protection, Lust, Health, Anti-Theft, Mental Powers
Cardamom - Lust, Love
Carnation - Protection, Strength, Healing
Carob - Protection, Health
Carrot - Fertility, Lust
Cashew - Money
Catnip - Cat Magic, Love, Beauty, Happiness
Cayenne – Cleansing and purification. Repels negativity. Speeds up the effect of any mixture its added to.
Cedar - Healing, Purification, Money, Protection, confidence, strength, power. Celery - Mental Powers, Lust, Psychic Powers
Chamomile - Money, Sleep, Love, Purification
Cherry - Love, Divination, Happiness and gaiety.
Chestnut - Love
Chickweed - Fertility, Love
Chicory - Removing Obstacles, Invisibility, Favors, Frigidity
Chilli pepper - Fidelity, Hex Breaking, Love
Chives - Protection
Chrysanthemum - Protection
Cinnamon - Spirituality, Success, Healing, Power, Protection, Love, Luck, Strength, Prosperity
Citronella – Promotes eloquence, persuasiveness, prosperity. Draws friends to the home, customers to the business.
Clove - Protection, Exorcism, Love, Money
Clover - Protection, Money, Love, fidelity, Exorcism, Success
Club Moss - Protection, Power
Coconut - Purification, Protection, Chastity
Coffee - Grounding and protection form negativity. Peace of mind. Helps to dispel negative thoughts, nightmares, overcome internal blockages.
Columbine - Courage, Love
Comfrey - Safety During Travel, Money
Coriander - Love, Health, Healing
Corn - Protection, Luck, Divination
Cucumber - Chastity, Healing, Fertility
Cumin - Protection, Fidelity, Exorcism
Curry - Protection
Cyclamen - Fertility, Protection, Happiness, Lust
Cypress – Calm, tranquility, spiritual opening. Associated with death and mourning. - Stimulates healing and helps overcome the pain of loss.
Daffodil - Love, Fertility, Luck
Daisy - Lust, Luck
Dill - Protection, Money, Lust, Luck
Eucalyptus – Spiritual cleansing, purification, and healing. Helps to overcome spiritual blockages.
Fennel - Strength
Fenugreek – Mental clarity, focus, dispels negativity.
Five finger grass (Cinquefoil) – Protection. Also stimulates memory, eloquence, self-confidence.
Fern – Cleansing and purification, dispels negativity
Frangipani – Attracts love, trust and admiration. Promotes openness in those around one.
Galangal – Success in court or legal disputes.
Gardenia – Promotes peace, repels strife, protects from outside influences.
Garlic – Cleansing, purification. Used to dispel depression, negativity, obsessive thoughts. Draws money, prosperity. Also used as a strong protection.
Geranium – Overcomes negative thoughts and attitudes, lifts spirits. Promotes protection, happiness
Ginger - Draws adventure and new experiences. Promotes sensuality, sexuality, personal confidence and prosperity. Adds to the strength of any mixture of which it is part, and makes it work more quickly.
Ginseng - Asian variety of Mandrake. Promotes vitality, strength, personal power. Heightens sex drive and sexual attractiveness
Grapefruti – Cleansing and purification

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