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Hathor - Lady of Heaven

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Hathor is the daughter of Nut, and Ra, she is also the wife of Ra, and mother of Ily. In many legends she is portrayed as the mother of Horus the Elder, or as the wife of Horus the Edfu, and the fruit of this union was Horus the Younger.

Hathor is the Goddess of joy, motherhood, and love. She is the protectress of pregnant women, and she is a midwife. Hathor is the patron of all women, no matter their station in life. Hathor was associated with the inundation of the Nile, and in this aspect associated with Dogstar Sothis whose rising above the horizon heralded an annual flooding of the Nile. With this legeng of Ra and Hathor she is called the Eye of Ray.

With the rise of the Osiris cults her role changed to welcoming the arrival of the dead to the underworld. She would give water to the souls from the branches of the sycamore and offer them food. Hathor is also represented as a cow suckling the soul of the dead.

Hathor was first pictured as a cow with stars on her, then as a woman with a cows head, and finally with a human head with a face broad and placid, and sometimes she is pictured with the ears, and horns of a cow.

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