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Lady ShadowFeathers Path
The God

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In Wicca the God is looked at as an emanation of the Goddess. He is created by the Goddess, and he is concidered her son, and brother. The union of the God and Goddess creates, and sustains the universe.

The God is perceived as a physical manifestation, and is associated with light for the physical world is made of energy(light) and slowed down in frequency, and vibration. It is in this way the God is represented by the sun.

The God governs the quality of time, so it is for this reason that the Goddess is thought of as mother earth, and the God is thought of as father time.

As the God is Lord of the Year he is represented in two forms. One as the God of Summer, and Lord of Life, strength, and creativity. The second is as the God of Winter, Lord of Death, dreams, and magic.

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