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Lady ShadowFeathers Path
Gaia - Earth Goddess

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Gaia is the earth mother, and her origins are pre-hellenic. Gaia is seen as the primal essence of the earth, and she is one of the primordial beings of the cosmos. Gaia is the oldest of the Goddesses, and the personification of the All Mother, as she who gives life takes life.

Gaia spang from the chaos, and bore from herself Pontus (Which is the Sea), and Uranus (which is the sky), and married him. Their children are the Titans, the Cyclopes, and the Hecatoncheires. Gaia and Tartarus had the monster Typhon.

Gaia is regarded as all producing, and all nourishing. She is one of the deities that prosides over marrage. Gaia possessed a talent of fortelling the future. The main centre of divination on ancient Greese was sacred to her, before it was won by Apollo. At one time Gaia was the supreme Goddess, and her majesty was acknowledged by both men, and Gods.

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