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Lady ShadowFeathers Path
United Electic Wicca

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Core Beliefs and Standards of Conduct

In the tradition of Eclectic Wicca one must know the five points of wiccan belief before they are permitted entry into the first circle. This way the teachers will not have to return to a discussion of the basic points every time they have beginers. These five points are The Wiccan Rede( An' it harm none, do as you will ), The Law of Return ( Threefold law, or the Rule of Three ), The Ethic of Self-Responsibility (You are the only one responsible for your actions), The Ethic of Constant Improvement ( You should always be learning, growing, and changing, making the world a better place ), The Ethic of Attunement ( attune yourself with the Divine, to work towards being in harmony with the Divine ).

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