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Lady ShadowFeathers Path

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The art of divination is the method in which one uses to find out about the past, present, and future.


Here are some forms of divination

Astrology - is done with the planets, and stars
Cartomancy - with this you would use playing cards, or
tarot  cards
Clairvoyance - this is second sight
Dowsing - with this you use a forked stick or wires to find underground materials

Numerology - this is done with numbers, dates, and number values of letters
Ouija Boards - this is done with a board with letters, numbers,and the words yes, and no on it
Palmistry - this is done by reading the lines, and aspects on the hand
Pendulmn - is done by using an object that is suspended on a string to answer yes, and no questions
Runes - this is done with stones or wood that have symbols carved on them
Scrying - is done by gazing into a crystal ball, calm lake, flame, or mirror

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