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Lady ShadowFeathers Path
Dianic Wicca

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The wheel of the year celebrations, are based on the everchanging cycle, and the enternal nature of the Goddess.Unlike the other traditions, the seasonal rites of the Dianic are not celebrated or focused on the heterosexual fertility cycle of the Goddess and God rather they are rituals that are creativly altered by there design year to year even thought the seasonal theme remains the same. The Dianic celebrate the Goddess in her triplle aspect of the Maiden, Mother, and Crone, as it is the entire life cycle that we all experence. In this the Goddess has the power to bring forth life, nurture life, protect it, sustain it, and take life away.The Dianics are committed to valuing the equallity, and all phases of womens lives, as with the turning of the seasons, each phase of life is honored from childhood, to adulthood, to elder. The Dianic rituals are held in or out doors, and they coinside with the seasonal, and lunar holidays.

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