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Lady ShadowFeathers Path
Dianic Wicca

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This tradition draws from the Roman Cults of Diana, all Goddess centered, matrifocal traditions worldwide, and Gardnerian tradition. The birth of this tradition is also traced back to the feminist movement of the 1960's. It was in 1968 that a group of women that were radically political formed a protest organization called W.I.T.C.H that stood for Womens International Terrorist Conspiracy From Hell, and they called themselves a coven. This organization was purely political however from this group came the inspiration to start covens around the world that were both spiritual as well as political. Soon after is when Z Budapest from Hungary whom was a hereditary witch formed the Susan B Anthony Coven in California, along with opening the first womens spirituality book, and magic store that she called Feminist Wicca. In 1973 womens cultural festivals became a networking organization for the women interested in the Dianic Wicca.

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