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Dianic Wicca

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Beliefs and practices

Dianic Tradition is a feminist, earth based, neopagan religion. It was revived by Zsuzsanna Budapest in the 1970s. It is a spiritual tradition that encourages creativity, and celebrates diversity. Some Dianic's are allied or involved with a certain lineage, but most of the Dianics still acknowledge Zsuzsanna Budapest as their founder, even though they might not acknowledge her as their foremother. This tradition is similar to traditional wicca in its practice, however it differs significantly in its beliefs.In the Dianic tradition the Goddess is worshiped only. They see her as the source of all living, and contains all within her, and this includes the male principal. Most of the Dianic Witches will worship in women only circles, however there are some mixed gender Dianic traditions.Political action is an important part of the Dianic tradition, and these wiccans are generally on a positive path of practicing, and do not manipulate spellwork. Many of them believe that there was a universal matriachy that worshiped the Goddess before recorded history, they believe that this society had a matrilineal family structure, and that there was true equality between the sexes. Some of the traditions within the Dianic tradition are Folk religion, Hedge Witchery, and Kitchen Witchery, and others practice a more formal tradition that is highly developed litural, and cosmology aspects. Although for most this tradition is about womens mysteries, and its practices are in celebration of womens bodies, experiences, and the biology and culture of womanhood. The Dianics practice the celebrations and worship of the pagan wheel of the year in terms of seasonal reality, and also the life stages of women, and the Great Goddess in the maiden, mother, queen, crone, and hag aspects.

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