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Lady ShadowFeathers Path
Making A Dream Catcher

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How to make a traditioal dream catcher

You will need 2 - 6 foot of soaked willow or grapevine, 4 - 16 foot of sinew, a feather or feathers, and beads for decoration. Begin by carefully bending the willow to form a circle that has a 3 - 8 inch diameter ( the size of the diameter is up to use ). Traditionally the dreamcatchers were no wider than an adults hand. Then on one end of the sinew put a knotted loop, this is what your dream catcher will hang from when its finished. Then tie the loop around thetop of your dream catcher, or at the dream catchers weakest point. The dream catcher has the same stitch from begining to end. To start hold the sinew, and place it loosely over the top of the hoop. Move the sinew around to the back of the hoop forming a hole, and pull the string back through the hole you just made. Pull each stitch taught but not too tight or it will warp the hoop of the dream catcher and not lie flat when you are done. Continue useing the same stitch for the first round around the hoop of you dream catcher. Space the stitches evenly, and about 1 1/2 to 2 inches apart. Making 7 to 13 stitches around. On the second round of stitches, place the sinew around the center of each stitch from the first round (not the hoop). As you pull each stitch tight, the sinew from the first round will pull towards the center of the hoop slightly. This will for a diamond shape. you should now start to see the spider web begining to form. On the third, or fourth round you should add a beed onto the sinew to represent the spider in the web. Just place the bead onto the sinew and continue stitching. Continue stitching towards the center of the hoop, soon the stitches will become small making it difficult to pass through. Make sure that you leave a hole in the center. Stop stitching at the bottom of the hole in the center of the hoop. End it by stitching twice in the same place, and pulling it tight and forming a knot. You should have 6 or more inches of sinew left hanging down, on this is where you should tie 2 or 3 feathers leaving them dangle down.

How to make a modern dream catcher

You will need a metal hoop, string or thin yarn, thin leather strips, feathers, beads, and glue. Begin by glueing one end of the leather strip to the hoop, and then completely wrap the hoop with the leather. As taught in the last section begin making the web with the string adding a bead to represent the spider. when you are done adding the webbing, take some string about 4 - 6 inches in length and tie to different parts of the dream catcher the design is up to you. On these strings add bead as you like, then put a little glue on the end of the feather and insert the feather into a bead. put as many feathers on the dream catcher as you desire, be creative and make your dream catcher an expression of yourself.

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