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Lady ShadowFeathers Path
Hanging Your Dream Catcher

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Prepare dream catcher for hanging

You will need a smudge stick of sage and sweetgrass, and a dream catcher. Begin by smudging the dream catcher with the smoke from the smudge stick. Slowly move the smudge stick around the dream catcher, and allowing the dream catcher to be covered in smoke. Then move around the room clockwise letting the smoke follow you and allowing the sage to cleanse the room, and the sweetgrass to bring in the good energy. Let yourself feel the presence of the spider woman. now take a moment to meditate on what the spider woman means to you. now ask the dream catcher to help you connect with the spider woman and to help her wisdom come into your dreams.

A Dream Catcher Blessing

This dream catcher creation, thats made out of love. Is hung in the air, so pure like the dove. Im asking for blessings, from the divine that is near. And all four dirrections, that are held within me so dear. Please bless this dream catcher, and show it the way. To allow all the good things, flow through if they may. Spirit of the east, with your newness of birth. Spirit of the north, with your strength from the earth. Spirit of the south, with the energies of fire. Spirit of the west, with your passonate desire. To the Goddess and God, the creaters of me. Please bless this dream catcher, so mote it be.

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