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The familiar is a concept that is connected to shamanic practices and is the lore of many other magical creatures from other cultures.


Using animals is a Native American, Shamanic, and Tribal practice.
Shamans that the animals are messengers from the great spirit. They believe that the animals are here to teach us all something either spiritual or physical. The great spirit sends information to you through dreams, and visions using animals to represent a message. then you have to interprete what it means. Witches have been adapting this concept in their witchcraft practices because since we as humans have always lived closely with animals, and have always been fasinated with their abilities,their knowing, and their cunning.

Here are some animals and their associations
Badger - courage
Bat - Symbolic of the moon and darkness
Bear - brings healing, prophetis dreams or increased intuition.
Buffalo - possesses great strength
Cat - is associated with witches since the middle ages
Coyote - is a crazy trickster bearing tidings of sacred mischief
Deer - brings spiritual knowledge, and graceful strength
Dog - is a signal of protection
Dolphin - deep wisdom, harmony, and playfulness
Dove - purity of heart and soul is within
Dragon - is a fiery, rich and knows the answers to many riddles
Eagle - strength, freedom, and swiftness of flight
Hawk - all seeing, soaring on the breast of wind, observation
Horse - Freedom, endurance, stamina
Panther - a good protective animal
Wolf - brings protection, knowledge, represents the pathfinder

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