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Brigid - A Celtic Goddess 
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Brigid is the daughter of Dagda, and her husband was Bres. She is a Celtic triple Goddess ruling over smithcraft, poetry, and healing. She was loved by the pagan people of Whales, Ireland, and Britain, and she was turned into a Catholic saint when the church was unable to Quell her worship. Brigid is sometimes referred to as the foster mother of Christ, or Mary's midwife.

Brigid's shrine is located at Kildare, and originally was tended by 19 priestesses that would watch over the sacred flame. After Brigid was cannonized then the nun took over. The perpetual flame has been extingished and the relit at various times though out history,, and the flame is now burning once more.

Imbolc is dedicated to Brigid, The candles are lit to welcome spring, and signify her flame. Brigid is also known as Bright, Bride, Brid, Brigantia, and she is associated with smithcraft, poetry, art, inspiration, healing, childbirth, and the hearth fire. Brigid's animal symbols are cattle, oxen, and other domestic animals.

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