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Lady ShadowFeathers Path
The Besom (The Witches Broom)

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Besom (the witches broom)
The besom has been a tool used by both magical, and ordinary people to cleanse the home. Superstitiously the besom was used to ward of evil. Traditionally it was made with ash wood as a handle buried in a knurl of birch twigs, and bound together by willow.

The besom is also used in differant marrage cerimonies. In one the bride and groom jump over the besom after they have united as it is a symbol of fertility, and male joining female.

Laying the besom over the threshold or stood in a corner with the brush up is said to keep unwanted negative energy out of the home.

The besom is one of the most important tools of a witch for it is used to cleanse negative energy away. It is used in ritual to clear the circle of negative energy, and psychic debris. usually a chant will be said as this is done.

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