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Lady ShadowFeathers Path
The Airts

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The four Airts (eights) , Quarters, or Directions. The Guardians of the Magic Circle

The word airt is a Scottish word meaning something to the effect of wind. throughout world history the four directions have been represented by the four winds. The airts get thier correspondence from the characters of the prevailing winds of any given region which is why the relationship between element and direction varies within differant beliefs.

Here are the four Airts and their corresponding elements.

East - Air
Air represents beginings, new things, thought, ideas, and conceptions,dawn, spring, youth, the Maiden Goddess, and The Young God.

South - Fire
Fire represents action, physickal manifestation,creating, and doing, noon, summer, adulthood, the Mother, and the Sun King.

West - Water
Water represents emotion, and reaction, dusk, fall harfest, parenthood, the Queen, and the Judge.

North - Earth
North represents integration, wisdom, and understanding, night, winter, old age, the Crone, and the Sorcerer.

Traditional colors for the elements are.
Air - Red Fire - White Water - Gray Earth - Blac

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